You may be aware of the following situation. There are People in Your Family or Relatives who you want to make sure they're okay. If there was a way to have that Safe Feeling, without having to constantly make sure by phone or in person.

Check Quick will ask you At Any Configurable Alarm Time if you are alright. If you do not confirm or your phone is off, Check Quick gives you a second chance and asks again. If you still do not respond, an Emergency Message Will Be Sent to Your Contact List, who will hopefully be able to inquire immediately about your health status.

Check Quick is a mobile hybrid app based on Angular, Cordova and ionic.

Check Quick is a Mobile Hybrid App based on Angular and ionic on the client side. On the server side, a real-time database, push messages and analysis functions are implemented via Firebase. Special features of Check Quick include Address Book Sharing, Contact List Management for emergency contacts, Geolocation, and Push Notifications to keep you informed of new contact requests, status inquiries, or emergency situations.

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