Corporate website in responsive design based on WordPress.

Corporate website in responsive design based on WordPress.JobTry's Corporate Website is based on WordPress  and a Responsive Design optimised for the view on smartphones and computers. It was linked to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. In addition, the website has data collection forms. The entries made by the visitor are stored in a backend database and can be conveniently administered there. Particular attention is given to the Conditional Field Logic and the ability to Organize Forms Across Multiple Pages.


JobTry is a platform that allows people to "get a taste" of different professions, in order to get an idea of everyday life in the respective occupational profile. This internship differs from a traditional internship in that the internship usually lasts between 1-3 weeks only and does not last several months, as in the case of an internship. In addition, the client receives no compensation from the company for this time. The aim of the internship is that the client at the end of the internship knows, whether he wants to develop further in the direction of his desired / dream job, to orientate himself in the direction of another occupational image or to return to the old profession with a new perspective.