Project website in responsive design based on WordPress.

Since 1989 Radio Hamburg presents every year the only true Easter Mega Hit Marathon. The Project Website for the TOP829 program in a Responsive Design is based on WordPress. In addition to linking to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, the site has several Forms: Radio listeners can submit their music request online or participate in quizzes, surveys, votings or sweepstakes. Various sections provide information on current events or the TOP829 finals. In retrospect, 30 years of Easter Mega Hit Marathon will be presented. In a Social Wall, all messages from networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Co. are displayed cumulatively.

Radio Hamburg

Radio Hamburg is the most listened to radio station in the city - the media analysis radio occupies it every year anew, thus showing that the market leader of the advertising-financed radio station obviously makes the right program for Hamburg and the people living here. At Radio Hamburg, the musical tastes of most adults are best met with the mega hits of the 2000s and today's best.