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Vacía la Nevera offers its customers an Online Shop in a Responsive Design based on WordPress and the WooCommerce shop plugin. Accepted payment methods are PayPal and PayPal Express. Coupon codes can be used to offer individual and promotional deals. In addition, Search Engine Optimisation measures were carried out. This included a keyword analysis and text optimisation, but also a linking to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. The shop is available in Spanish and English language. Vacía la Nevera opted for a full service contract including Hosting & Support.

Vacía la Nevera

Vacía la Nevera is a Spanish handmade jewelry brand founded in 2012 by Rubén Morales Sánchez. The focus of the products is on fun designs that contextualise everyday objects such as tin cans or food. The brand is dedicated to those who love accessories because they are in the mood to empty the fridge (Spanish "Vacía la Nevera").