Pimcore Information Management

Become the master of your product data

A centralized management solution with open-source software

Put an end to unstructured masses of data and obtain a clear overview – for efficient working in your company. Pimcore’s open-source software can be easily integrated into existing IT system landscapes and, with its Product Information Management (PIM), creates a central platform for you to steer your marketing and sales activities, as well as to store your product information.

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Why you should rely on open-source

Pimcore is based on open-source and brings you the following advantages:

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Cost reduction for your business

Open-source software can be used free of charge, which means that there are no license fees to pay. All your data converges in Pimcore, so you can manage it all in one place and keep your total costs to an absolute minimum.

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Technological innovation

The open-source software is a product of the hard work of IT communities around the world. It is under constant development and consists of thousands of other open-source products with important features. This helps you solve critical business problems faster and improve the speed of innovation in your company.

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Adaptability with the API-first approach

Pimcore adopts the API-first approach, enabling flexible integration into existing IT landscapes by connecting other applications and systems through well-defined interfaces.


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Explore the functions of the PIM module

The Pimcore PIM offers you a wide range of features in both the Basic and Enterprise versions:

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition

  • Data modeling

    Pimcore allows you to flexibly model any data objects according to the structure of your work and business.

    Workflow management

    Create interlocking work processes from a single system and define workflows or blueprints for increased accuracy and productivity in collaborative editing.

    Omni-channel publishing

    The right data finds the right task field. Use Pimcore to make product information available on all relevant channels.

    Digital Asset Management

    Manage all your videos, images, documents, and other media content in one central location where they can be aggregated, transformed, and shared across departments.

    Data management

    Uploading, moving, and categorizing made simple. With Pimcore’s web-based user interface, you can efficiently manage your data by dragging and dropping it into your website.

    Data Quality Management

    Inaccurate and redundant data sets are a thing of the past. With Pimcore, you can clean up your data so that it complies with the Data Governance Directive’s data capture, storage, and destruction policies.

  • Product Experience Portal

    Create your ideal library: The Product Experience Portal is your Pimcore content hub. Here you can centrally manage all your marketing content, configure cross-departmental approvals, and search for product information.

    Product Feed Management

    Pimcore accompanies you along your customer journey – with its product feed management, you create high-quality feeds optimized for the target group on all channels. This allows you to precisely adjust and optimize relevant product data in detail to achieve the best output per touchpoint.

    Microsoft/Adobe integration

    Pimcore connects your company’s biggest tools like no other software and further streamlines your workflow by providing direct access to product data such as images, videos, etc. in Microsoft Office & Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

    Enterprise Translation Management

    Create the foundation to compete internationally and benefit from automatic translations of your product information using Deepl and other translation services.

    Product data syndication

    Take advantage of the automated distribution of data to more than 2000 sales and marketing channels and connect your content from one system.

    Marketplace integration

    Connect to global marketplaces and use Pimcore as a central dashboard for tracking all your incoming orders.

    Enterprise Translation Management

    Create the foundation to compete internationally and benefit from automatic translations of your product information using Deepl and other translation services.

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Three reasons for Product Information Management


Say goodbye to scattered data

The quest for data is over once and for all. Thanks to PIM, you can create a single source for all data – an absolute must for your digital transformation.


Faster time-to-market

With the connection of data from third-party systems to PIM, you can adapt your offer selection according to the wishes of your customers. The result: a more rapid time-to-market with a higher close rate.


Cross-channel use

You can quickly and effortlessly make the database you’ve created with PIM accessible to the channels you want to use it across.

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