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“Suddenly, everything is new!”, was the announcement made when we started working with the commercial distributor, HAKOH, in February 2021. So it was that, with the CMS software, Pimcore, we developed a common digital structure for several websites and fields of business. Originally, HAKOH GmbH from Hamburg was just a commercial distributor for restaurant furniture and equipment. Since then, however, the company has incorporated three different fields of business: It sells medical supplies (medical), furniture and equipment for the restaurant and hotel industries, as well as for care facilities (furniture) and it produces merchandising goods (merchandise).

The Challenge

On the hunt for a smart 3-in-1 solution

Sometimes you have to find a way to make things that don’t really fit together easily fit together well. This is tricky, but we, at codafish, are convinced that there is a good digital solution for every challenge. And so, we were delighted that HAKOH had commissioned us to develop an online presence that visually and structurally combines their different fields of medical, furniture and merchandising.


The previous HAKOH websites were built with WordPress, had long loading times, a confusing design and no satisfactory search function. HAKOH wanted to give itself an optical and technological reboot and merge the different websites within a new content management system.

A website with a clear structure

“We had already had a good experience with another project that used the content management system, Pimcore, and wanted to transfer our websites entirely from WordPress to Pimcore. For this transfer and the subsequent support, we looked for an agency that really knew Pimcore. This is how we came to learn about codafish,” says Marco Bender, Creative Director at HAKOH.

The goal was an online presence with a completely new look & feel, that had a clear structure and state-of-the-art UX. Visitors should be able to quickly understand what the offerings are about and should have a good sense of the extensive product portfolio.

"We faced many kinds of challenges with the relaunch project: structure, design, functionality. Together with codafish, we fought our way through the demands to achieve the goals, and the result was so much better than expected. Thanks for the innovative ideas and the transparent and honest working relationship!"

Marco Bender, Creative Director
The Solution

With Pimcore, the complex becomes easy

In the first step, we created a new website structure for HAKOH in Pimcore, combined domains and linked them together. The websites were designed in such a way that they visually and technologically belong together.


In addition, we created a comprehensive product portfolio for all of the websites and optimized the corresponding data processing and search processes. Pimcore is perfect for such complex structures because you can configure the software very individually through a number of so-called “bundles”. There is no such thing as “no such thing”!

Our background brings you forward

As a certified Pimcore partner agency, we have extensive project experience in diverse areas and can competently advise you on which functions would best suit your business.

At HAKOH, for example, it was necessary to create the same look & feel across websites. For this reason, page blocks (bricks), which enable certain functions such as sliders, contact forms or the unique requirements of the client, were implemented globally. Each of these bricks offers certain configuration options for adapting the blocks to the specific website context. This is what made it possible for us to quickly and efficiently create the different websites within the HAKOH brand.

The Result

Relaunch through state-of-the-art technology

“The relaunch with codafish was very structured from start to finish and took us to a completely new level, technologically – where we now remain thanks to the monthly support package”, says Marco Bender of HAKOH. “The websites are done, for sure. We have decided to continue working with codafish, however, so that we do not miss important technological updates and can continue to optimize the websites.“


HAKOH now has an online presence that attracts significantly more clients than before and allows them to dive into their extensive product portfolio with ease. And the Pimcore reboot of the websites also includes many advantages for the marketing team at HAKOH: In terms of a combined and intuitive backend through which they can, now, easily modify data on all websites. They always receive an immediate answer to technical questions from us. And they know that we always implement all important Pimcore updates directly. In this way, HAKOH is able to continuously improve its websites with us.


What our clients have to say about us

As a full-service agency, we work together with you to develop a successful digital strategy and we provide you with assistance in all areas of the implementation – from design to hosting and software support.You can find an overview of all of our client testimonials here.


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