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It was the beginning of 2020 when we had taken over the support of the NORD EVENT event management company’s Pimcore content management system. NORD EVENT had transferred its website to this software two years before, but they were not satisfied with the results.

NORD EVENT is one of the largest event management companies in northern Germany. The company organizes over 3500 events annually: private parties, such as weddings and milestone birthdays, as well as premiere parties and conferences. Most clients book the complete package – in which NORD EVENT organizes everything from catering to equipment.

The Challenge

The number one goal: to make the website more visible

When NORD EVENT first contacted us, the visibility of the website was severely limited. The company had a website relaunch well behind it, but the SEO-relevant titles and descriptions were not displayed on Google. So, NORD EVENT wasn’t where it wanted to be – at the top of the search results.


In addition, it took far too long for website visitors to receive recommendations for suitable event locations, the contact form didn’t work and there was no way to scroll through each of the locations independently of the search function in order to help inspire ideas.
Since NORD EVENT had set its website up using Pimcore, they went out in search of a certified Pimcore partner and found us. Together, we discussed and defined which measures needed to be taken immediately, as well as in the future.

“We started working with codafish at a relatively, digitally chaotic time and were immediately taken by the hand. Thanks to honest and transparent communication as equals, we have managed to structure our digitalization and take it to a new level.“

Johanna Linow, Senior PR & Online Marketing Manager 
The Solution

We jump in - fast and reliable

Many of our clients are already using Pimcore when they come to us, but they are not satisfied with the results. When you are facing seemingly impossible challenges, we jump in with our support “instant on” and get your business up and running quickly. So was the case for NORD EVENT:
“It’s really great how quickly codafish captured, analyzed and fixed our problems. It was also good that someone could look at our website with a fresh pair of eyes. The codafish team is competent, trustworthy and innovative. Right from the start, they gave us a number of good suggestions for how we could better use the Pimcore functions,” says Johanna Linow, Senior PR & Online Marketing Manager at NORD EVENT.

We know Pimcore

As a certified Pimcore agency, we, at codafish, are   perfect partner when it comes to adapting the content management system to your needs. For NORD EVENT, we optimized various functions in the Pimcore system so that, among other things, the meta titles and descriptions could be displayed correctly on Google and the contact form would work again. In addition, we installed legally- compliant cookie technology and revised the structure and design of the website for an improved user experience. Last, but not least, we created an overview of all event locations and restructured the Pimcore backend to make data and content management easier. Pimcore offers countless possibilities, all with perfect usability. 
Content Manager, Johanna Linow of NORD EVENT, is also thrilled: In the past, when we were working with another CMS, data management was totally cumbersome. There were no previews, people were working in the dark, so to speak. The biggest advantage of Pimcore is that the frontend and backend look almost the same, and the user experience is totally intuitive and easy. But, we, alone, couldn’t have set that up. You need an agency that knows all of Pimcore’s options down to the last detail. It’s really amazing what Pimcore has to offer. With the help of codafish support, we will continue to progress – bit by bit.”

We continually optimize your technology

NORD EVENT booked a “Service & Support” package with which they can call us at any time if they have any questions or want to make changes. We act quickly whenever a problem arises and take care of all updates, as well as the further development of the frontend and backend continually.
“Through our consultations with codafish, we have gotten a lot of ideas about what we can optimize in the future and we look forward to a lasting, constructive and innovative partnership as equals,” says Johanna Linow.

The Result

More satisfied clients and easier backend work

Before working with codafish, the NORD EVENT website was hard to find, slow and not well structured. Now the website is on page 1 of Google’s results if you search, for example: “event location hamburg”. In Pimcore, the locations are now also linked to search terms, so Google records these, as well.
The structure and design of the NORD EVENT website has been optimized and new call-to-action strategies ensure better conversions. In addition, clients can now, not only find concrete suggestions for their searches on the website, but also an overview of all locations to help provide some inspiration. “Thanks to the new overview and the opportunity to stroll through our offers in this way, the amount of time that our visitors spend has increased significantly, and they are also asking for more locations than before,” says Johann Linow. “And for us, the workflows at the backend have been dramatically simplified. This is a great result!”
And that’s not all: With our support, NORD EVENT has a solid partner for the continual optimization of the frontend and backend.

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