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Germany provides thousands of different funding programmes for businesses and individuals. Learn here which one might be of interest for your project.

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The Corona crisis has a lasting impact for many people’s lives and companies alike. And it brought the the digitization back to the top of the agenda. In addition to financial emergency aid and subsidies, the government offers different options of supporting funds for small and medium-sized companies. Learn here which possibilties might be applicable for your digitization project.

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go digital

Get 50% and up to 16.500 € of your investment subsidized!

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digital jetzt

Get your business digitized with the funding possibilities of DIGITAL JETZT.

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Funding of consultations for entrepreneurial know-how for start-ups and established businesses as well as companies in difficulty.

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all funding programmes at a glance

Go-digital targets to fund consulting and implementation projects in the modules „Digital Business Processes“,“Digital Market Developemet“ and „IT Security“. The subsidized company must be legally independent and categorized as a small-medium-enterprise. Furthermore the number of employees is limited to 100 and the annual turnover to less than 20 million €. The requirement of the de minimis regulation (no more than 200,000 euros in aid in the last three years) must be met as well.

As soon as we have discussed your project with you and worked it out in detail, the funding application can be drawn up and submitted. Funding from the BMWi (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) amounts to 50% of the maximum funding amount of 33,000 euros over a project duration of up to six months. If you take full advantage of the program, you invest 16,500 euros and receive the same amount as a non-repayable grant. Please note that one of the three modules is considered the main module, into which at least 51% of the funding goes. Further funding is possible in the minor modules.

The Digital Jetzt funding program consists of two modules: “Investing in digital technologies” and “Investing in employee qualification”. With the first module, you can invest in software and hardware. These include, for example, cloud applications, artificial intelligence (AI), data-driven business models, IT security, data protection and much more. The second module supports companies that train their employees to use digital technologies. You can apply for one or both modules to receive funds.

The amount of funding from Digital Jetzt is a maximum of 50,000 euros (in special cases up to 100,000 euros) and is dependent to the size of the company: with up to 50 employees, the subsidy is 50%, up to 250 employees 45% and up to 499 employees 40% . From July 1 , 2021, the funding rates will decrease by 10%. It is important that your investment corresponds to the funding goals of Digital Jetzt and that it results with fundamental improvements or new functions.

Due to the corona pandemic, BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) has extended the guideline for thepromotion of entrepreneurial know-how by two years (until December 31, 2022). With this support program, start-up companies (less than two years on the market), established businesses (third year in operation) and companies in economic difficulties (regardless of company age) can get advice on all questions of business management. This includes financial, organizational and personnel issues. Important for you to know: These are pure consulting services that are provided, but not operational implementation. For example, we can advise you on the selection of a CRM system, but we cannot set it up and adapt it for you. However, it is possible to create a concept for your new website or a digital strategy.

The granted amount depends on various facts (location, years in operation, etc.):

  • Start-ups (up to two years)
    A maximum of 4000 €, of which 80% (new federal states without Berlin and Leipzig region), 60% (Lüneburg region) or 50% (old federal states with Berlin and Leipzig region) as a grant.
  • Established businesses (third year of operation)
    A maximum of 3000 €, of which 80% (new federal states excluding Berlin and Leipzig region), 60% (Lüneburg region) or 50% (old federal states including Berlin and Leipzig region) as a grant.
  • Company in trouble
    A maximum of 3000 €, 90% of which as a grant (nationwide)

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