Being open and honest is an important cornerstone in our consultation services

In the Digital World everything happens so quickly - being well-connected has great value, as we are aware of developments within relevant markets, technologies and trends. Our Consultation will, as does our Innovative Concepts including Digital Strategy, Search Engine Optimisation and our Online Marketing, bring added value to your business.

Consultation & Concept

We are your behind-the-scenes experts tackling strenuous strategies delivering innovative concepts. At peak times, we support you with our on-site project or product management and, if desired, also manage your external service providers.

Have you already contracted your next Digital Project to another digital agency but require a Second Opinion or Proof of Concept? Has an existing project exceeded its viable thresholds? Does the project need to be put back on track? Utilise our on-site consulting. Not only will we put your project back on the rails, also our On-Site Consultant will adopt the role of the Single Point of Contact for your Project Management Team. If required, we will also take care of the communication and management of your External Service Providers.

Our service portfolio in detail

  • Development of strategy and individual concepts
  • Consultation in regard to digital communication and brand management
  • Technical IT architecture concept
  • Analysis and development of project plans
  • External service provider governance
  • Technical consultation
  • Technical product management

Let's get acquainted!

Benefit from our free initial consultation, whereby you will receive valuable recommendations and proposals for your digital presence.

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