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Creation & Design

We develop modern interfaces, for your digital presences, that not only look good, but also inspires users to purchase.


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We are a full-service digital agency that offers global solutions.


We are happy to assist and instruct you in your digital transformation process.


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Responsive Design

Design is more than just a question of taste. It is – especially in the context of digital brand management – a craft. So what works? What motivates users to act? What underlines corporate messages? At codafish ><> we are experts in web design, focusing on usability (user experience).


Design is as individual as your customers. Therefore, we feel that it is very important to participate in prototyping. We’ll quickly draft, develop and deliver the first design prototypes This is followed by a test phase. This way, we can benefit from an early feedback and optimise the design on a valid basis, rather than developing solutions in a direction that prove to be unfavorable for you in practice.

Optimising Development

In web projects, we use wireframes to visualize new ideas; making alternatives visible. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the fastest turn around. When you are satisfied, you can authenticate the usability and user experience of the digital prototypes on the UAT and deliver feeedback before the final intergration.

Our Services

We will meet your highest expectations in design and creativity

Our Services
  • Consultation on Best practices, useability and UX

  • Analysis of user needs

  • Creation of wireframes

Our Services
  • Analysis and development of UX concepts for websites and Apps

  • Design principles of DIN EN ISO 9241-110

  • Useability optimisation of existing online presence or mobile apps

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