A Content Management System offers you efficient data management and gives the ability to build and shape your workflows

With the help of Content Management Systems (CMS), you can create, edit and organise content. Articles, blog entries or various multimedia formats that you can publish on your Corporate Website, in your Mobile App or in your Web Application. Systems like Drupal, PimCore or WordPress allow you to maintain your web projects without external help and reduce budgets.

Content Management Systems

With our CMS solutions, you can structure your data and processes in such a way that a local collaboration becomes possible, this allows forand efficient and effective management of your online projects.

CMS solutions form your individual workflows and enable editorial collaboration between your local and global teams. Simultaneously, CMS solutions provide centralized data management that allows you to keep all your data in one place and thus achieve increased data security. Your users and editors require no programming skills in order to work.

Software Hosted in Germany

Our solution in detail

  • Efficient implementation taking your corporate design into account
  • Individual customisation through extension selection and development (plugins) for CMS systems such as Drupal, PimCore or WordPress
  • Integration of search technologies such as Apache SOLR
  • Regulatory adherence according to applicable SEO guidelines that you can administer yourself
  • Upgrades of outdated system versions
  • Interface connectivity to other systems
  • Expert know-how in frequently used systems such as Drupal, PimCore or WordPress

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