We can provide your customers with direct access to your products and services via mobile app technologies

Through the introduction of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, apps have become more and more widespread. Compared to mobile websites, Mobile Apps are often better adapted to the devices, making them more comfortable to use. Where web pages require a click, Gestures such as wiping are used for apps. Mobile applications provide access to functionality such as camera usage, location determination, navigation, and access to local data on the terminal. Push Messages also enables you to establish a new and direct communication channel that allows you to specifically notify your customers and increase the visibility of your products and services.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer special features that give your customers easy and uncomplicated access to your products and services.

In order to be able to use your apps on popular platforms such as Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Phone, the development of mobile hybrid apps is ideal. Advantages of hybrid apps are the compatibility to well-known web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript or modern frameworks like Angular and ionic. Mobile hybrid apps are characterized by a Common Program Code Base and thus reduce the overhead for development and maintenance. That saves you money!

Our solution in detail

  • Development of mobile hybrid apps based on Angular, ionic and React Native
  • Implementation of apps for mobile operating systems such as, Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone
  • Connection to mobile application platforms like Google Firebase or Parse Server

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