Frontend framework used to create mobile hybrid apps

ionic is an open-source framework or program library and represents a modern solution for Front-End Development, also called user interface or (UI), Mobile Hybrid Apps. It is based on the well-known web standards HTML5, CSS, Sass and TypeScript.

The program concept envisages ionic being used with the open-source technologies Angular and Apache Cordova. Angular as a JavaScript or TypeScript library provides the app structure and has proven to be robust web authoring applications. Apache Cordova makes it possible to package HTML, CSS and Javascript into apps, which can then be executed on the mobile systems Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone and can access native features of the mobile device. Mobile hybrid apps have only One Program Code Base, which makes the development process as well as the subsequent maintenance significantly easier.

The following illustration1 depicts a simplified Architecture of Mobile Hybrid Apps based on ionic, Angular, and Apache Cordova.


Simplified Architecture of Mobile Hybrid Apps based on ionic, Angular, and Cordova


The apps generated in this way, based on the above-mentioned web technologies, offer a user behavior that is very close to those of native applications, ie applications developed specifically for the corresponding mobile system, They can also be distributed and dis-continued via the providers app stores.

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