With web apps you execute your complex applications in the web browser

Thanks to powerful and fast internet connections, applications can now be launched and executed as a Web Apps directly in the browser. The range extends from small tools to web apps of well-known programs (such as office packages) to graphics software or games. Like Mobile Apps, web applications are based on well-known web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS - and Do Not Require a Separate Installation. These web apps are System-Independent, provide a great deal of flexibility and can be just as easy and convenient used as the classic desktop applications.

Web Apps

With Web Apps, you can cost-effectively and system-independently offer a range of complex applications to your employees, customers and partners, without giving up the usual comfort of classic desktop software.

Unlike native applications, which need to be designed specifically for each system (such as Microsoft Windows or macOS), running your web apps with a single Programming Code Base will Reduce Your Development and Maintenance Efforts. Take advantage of web apps to effectively and cost effectively implement your projects and offer them to a broader audience.

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Our solution in detail

  • Web development with PHP (Symfony), JavaScript / TypeScript (Angular)
  • Integration and configuration of search technologies, such as Apache Solr
  • Use relational databases (SQL) such as MySQL and non-relational databases (NoSQL) such as MongoDB
  • Data migration / data import into the new system, including data preparation
  • Front-end development for single-page applications and hybrid apps with Angular
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure deployment using Vagrant, Puppet, Jenkins, GitLab
  • Interface programming of e.g. Web services, HTTP interfaces / REST, SOAP interfaces / XML
  • Integration of third-party interfaces, OAuth, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google

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