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Worldwide Implemented

Drupal is one of the most widely implemented CMS solutions worldwide

High Security

When correctly implemented, the Drupal CMS meets the highest security standards.

Performance & Maintenance

Excellent loading times and high stability are guaranteed even for large online projects

Glimpse Possibilities

Drupal provides companies with an easy-to-use CMS for website design and content management.

Thousands of free extensions for you to use in customizing your system are waiting for you on Drupal. Through APIs, Drupal can be painlessly linked to other applications.


Once set up, Drupal offers a time-saving and easy to manage solution. Little programming knowledge is required to keep the system secure and technically up-to-date. A quick installation of new functionalities is possible with a few intuitive clicks.

Advantages of Drupal

High security standards

Drupal has an attack-resistant code base, so that the highest security requirements can be achieved.

Performance & Maintenance

Excellent loading times and high stability are guaranteed even for large online projects. Maintenance and support remain resource-saving and cost-effective.


Organisations can choose from thousands of free extensions and use APIs to create a highly customised system.


The user interface is intuitive, the administration requires little or no programming effort.

No costs

Drupal is an open source solution. There are no licensing costs. Updates, new modules and many extensions are easily available at no extra charge.

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Strategy & Consulting

development & website design

Optimization & Support

Maintenance & Hosting

Drupal is the solution for

High traffic websites
Dynamic pages with high user-generated content
Websites with connections to external systems
Complex e-commerce applications

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