Why Zoho?

Ease of use

Simple user interface that is easy to learn and fun to work with


A pricing model that is flexible and based on the company’s needs

Completely cloud based solution

Is scalable and has a high future viabilty

The All-Round-Talent

Zoho is a complete software package with over 40 different applications that companies need and use on a daily basis. Zoho allows users to map a variety of business processes - for example CRM, marketing, finance, customer service, personnel, internal collaboration and many more - in the software. All data is in the cloud, which means that you and your employees can work at any time and from anywhere. Both on stationary computers and on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
codafish focuses on Zoho One, an integrated package solution with all the applications a company needs for business operations. The all-in-one suite comprises more than 45 coordinated web applications that are also available as mobile apps.

Zoho User

Zoho is used by more than 150,000 companies worldwide and is one of the largest providers of CRM software. Zoho enables the digital mapping of all important operational areas: sales, marketing, support, HR, accounting and operations. The impressive range of evaluation options continues to speak in favor of the all-in-one solution.

Replace the usual software mix with a uniform operating system for your company. Zoho enables the digital mapping of all important operational areas: sales, marketing, support, HR, accounting and operations.

Zoho One

The all-rounder! With over 40 apps,
all already fully operational! Sales activities, marketing automation, support ticketing, human resource processes, accounting, project management and online collaboration.

Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus provides the ideal app combination to cover all marketing and sales areas. The customer experience platform enables cross-channel and customer-oriented optimization of all phases during the purchasing process.

Sales and CRM

With Zoho, salespeople can use the mobile CRM app, plan online meetings and sales calls and be connected to the company’s own telephone system.

Social media tools and live chat as well as chat bots for customers round off the offer. The automation of the sales process is paramount at Zoho One. Offers, orders and invoices are generated and sent directly and easily in the system.

Efficient Sales Activities
Automatization of Processes

Team Collaboration

Multi-Channel Communicatio
Measurement of Performance
Integrated Solutions


Customer Support

With Zoho One you design and automate your support process and with a comprehensive range of tools, you process customer inquiries through various channels, solve problems quickly and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

With Zoho People you’ll get a 360 degree HR solution and consequently create a pleasant working environment.


Zoho One gives your business a comprehensive suite of tools to manage your finances, track liabilities, and manage bills and expenses. This way you can organize your finances and have full control over all your accounting processes.

Business Processes

Zoho provides you with an integrated and configurable system with which you’ll work more efficiently and grow your business faster. The system allows you to quickly process orders, manage projects and create your own applications for specific processes. With Zoho you have a powerful ordering software including multi-channel sales and warehouse management at your disposal. You can keep an eye on the company’s resources and project-based billing with the corresponding Zoho tools.

zoho is the solution for

Companies that interact mainly online with customers
Companies that need a CRM with online Marketing Function
Companies that want to work with cloud based apps
Companies that engage in multiple steps throughout the sales process and want to coordinate everything on one platform
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