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Here is where we inform you about exciting digital trends and explain how you can use them in your business. In addition, we offer you a closer look at our work as a digital agency. Thank you for your interest.

google analytics 4

Google Analytics 4. The next generation of analytics

At the moment, both versions, i.e., Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 are still running side by side. As of 1 July 2023, however, no new data will be processed in Universal Analytics.

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codafish pimcore gold partner news

codafish – Pimcore Gold Partner

The spring starts with good news for codafish! Following on from a period of growth in 2022, our web developers were successful in having their expertise in working with Pimcore fully certified! So we are super proud to kick off 2023 as a certified Pimcore Gold Partner.

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Kachel Typo3vsPimcore

Pimcore or TYPO3: which CMS is better?

Are you on the lookout for a powerful content management system? If so, you’ve probably already heard of “Pimcore” and “TYPO3”. These are two free content management systems that are based on open-source technology.

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Kachel Arturo

New work model vs. life in the countryside

First it was work from home, then remote work, now it’s a new business model, what’s it all about? We help you to clarify this tangle of definitions that have been emerging in recent times.

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detenga el reloj

What’s new in working time recording

Nowadays, the boundaries between work and free time are becoming increasingly blurred – so it is especially important to clearly limit working hours. This is why, with the ruling of the Federal Labor Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht, BAG), it is now a mandatory requirement to record working hours. On December 3, 2022, the BAG published the reasons for its decision on the mandatory recording of working hours from September 13, 2022 (1 ABR 22/21). This obligation applies to all employers with immediate effect. Regardless of the type and size of company.

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google web stories example

Google Web Stories

Virtually every platform has been successfully offering its own version of stories for years. Recently also Google, with Web Stories. We’ll be taking a look at what the benefits are and how you can use Google Web Stories for your branding online in this codafish blog post.

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timo and Andreas review 2022 blog

How was 2022 for codafish?

We love and appreciate being able to work remotely. That said, we still make sure that we meet for real once or twice a year and spend a few days together.

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trends 2023 blog

The three most important digital trends in 2023

As a digital agency, we always have our eye on the latest technical developments. As it stands currently, we, at codafish, find three of these developments particularly exciting…

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remote work blog

Remote work: Most common questions and the best tools

Remote working is the new normal. Previously, it was mainly freelancers who worked remotely, but today it has become normal for a growing number of permanent employees as well.

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E-Commerce with Pimcore’s Digital Commerce Platform

Are you looking for a software solution for expanding your e-commerce? Then, Pimcore is the right solution for you.

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codafish blog digital transformation

Digital transformation What you need to know

Have you ever had the feeling that the world is moving too fast? Do you feel that the constant updates of apps, software, devices and social media trends are too overwhelming?

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logo pimcore codafish silver partner

Six reasons you should use Pimcore

Every day, companies generate a ton of important data: information about products and services, suppliers and salespeople, marketing activities and sales, customers and their interests.

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