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Data management and user experience to a new level with Pimcore and codafish

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Pimcore is a complete system for product control and online shop management

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Pimcore enables you to deliver personalised customer experiences

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Pimcore is the ideal software for managing products with real-time updates

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Pimcore thinks of everything, existing company systems can be seamlessly integrated

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Pimcore thinks about your business by reacting quickly to market changes

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Pimcore and codafish: Successful digital solutions

Easy product management and personalised customer experience across all channels.

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Pimcore’s variety of functions and modules allows companies to manage and publish their product data from a single software.

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codafish, Pimcore’s partner agency in Berlin, Hamburg and Madrid, will help you create professional solutions to take your company to the top.

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If you need solutions for the digitalisation of your company, call us!

What can you do with Pimcore?

All company information is managed from a single system

Pimcore enables centralised management of all data, digital assets and products. Pim and Ecommerce under one roof.

  • Pimcore is multi-channel
  • Consolidated data management saves time and minimises errors. This is especially valuable in a multi-channel sales environment
  • This ensures a high level of data consistency and quality, as you can keep all information in one place
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Pimcore: multi-channel capability

Pimcore makes it easy to manage and publish your products through various sales channels.

  • Includes Ecommerce platform
  • Physical stores
  • Mobile Apps
  • This creates a consistent and personalised customer experience across all channels. It increases customer loyalty and sales. Pimcore adapts to any business model and grows as the company grows

Pimcore adapts to the specific requirements of each business model

Pimcore is tailored to your specific business requirements.

  • Pimcore is an open source software
  • Pimcore can be easily configured and scaled to accommodate business growth
  • The customer has control over the platform and can adapt it to the changing needs of the company.
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Discover the Pimcore modules

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codafish | Pimcore Gold Partner Agency always by your side

Pimcore is a comprehensive e-commerce platform| Our customers’ requirements are just the starting point – our challenge is to exceed them!

Pimcore | business strategy and advisory

Together with our customers, we create the digital concept to be followed and find the right, results-oriented technological solution for each business.

Pimcore | enhancements and support

We offer you flexibility: decide whether you want a one-off optimisation or contract us for ongoing support to keep your system up and running.

Together we dive into digital

Enjoy a free demo to learn how to improve your business model with Pimcore and discover the digital potential of your company.



Flexible and cost-effective software

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Since its launch in 2010, Pimcore has been available as a free open source edition. Customers’ initial investment is limited to an initial setup and implementation through an authorised Pimcore agency. This means that Pimcore is also intended for SMEs and companies with small to medium budgets that aspire to a comprehensive digitisation.

Explore the Pimcore universe with us now


High safety standards and legal compliance

Low risk of attacks:

En comparación con plataformas como WordPress o Drupal, Pimcore es menos susceptible a ataques informáticos. This reduces the need for security updates and lowers maintenance costs.

Active developer community:

Pimcore’s dedicated developer community ensures regular security updates that keep the software up to date with the latest security standards and protect it from digital attacks.

Developed in Europe:

Pimcore is a European developed software and offers tools to ensure compliance with applicable data protection regulations RGPD.

Compliance tools:

Companies can choose from a number of GDPR compliance tools to ensure compliance with the legislation with minimum effort.

Processing of personal data

Pimcore offers functions that ensure that companies comply with the legal requirements regarding the processing of personal data and are therefore always legally secure.



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Integral online digitisation of the company


All-in-one solution for web and mobile


Open Source Framework


Simple and intuitive to use


System based on expandable modules


Easy interfacing with existing systems


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