Drupal offers a broader range of functions

The open source CMS, Drupal, is, like WordPress, one of the most frequently used content management solutions in the world. When you compare the two, however, Drupal offers a much broader range of functions, which is why we often use it for the most demanding projects. Thanks to the powerful feature set and the strict API-first approach, Drupal-based solutions can easily be linked to and merged with other applications. Thanks to open source, there are no additional license fees, which is why the operation and maintenance of even the biggest websites can be implemented cost-effectively and with minimum impact on existing resources.

Powerful, enterprise-level CMS that is optimally protected against attacks

In the right hands, Drupal is a powerful, enterprise-level CMS that is optimally protected against attacks, yet allows for the creation of unique solutions, distinctly, within individual projects. This is another reason why large organizations rely on Drupal – organizations such as Tesla, Cern, the US government and Amnesty International. Would you like to know whether Drupal is the right choice for your company? Then, take advantage of our free initial consultation . Our web development experts are ready to answer your questions and willing to offer valuable suggestions for your upcoming project.

With Drupal, codafish><>brings all of your websites and applications together under one roof

Thanks to the modular, strict API-first design, Drupal does not place any limits on the implementation of massive web projects, and easily processes thousands of various content elements, user interactions and page interactions all at the same time. Regardless of whether your platform is oriented towards user-generated content or large amounts of product entries and product-related content: Drupal grows flexibly with your company so that, not only will you and your employees be able to focus on the essentials in the short term, but also over the long term.

Drupal is - thanks to its extensive developer community and open source roots - sustainable

An extensive and steadily-growing developer community is continually improving Drupal and, as a result, delivers new updates and modules regularly. Even long after you have set up your Drupal CMS, you have the option of adding thousands of free extensions at any time – thus expanding functionality. Drupal offers multidomain compatibility and multilingual interfaces, so that several different language websites and applications can be managed at the same time and by different teams around the world.

Global organizations and governments rely on Drupal for security reasons

Owing to the open source community, Drupal has an extremely attack-resistant codebase and a Symfony framework connection, so that a whole new level of security on the internet can be achieved with additional extensions. It’s no wonder that an increasing number of governments and large organizations around the world have come to rely on Drupal.

Despite the complex structure, it is intuitive to use

Despite the high demands for Drupal projects, the CMS offers first-class performance and stability in all areas, such that extremely short loading times make working efficiently a reality. The administrator interface is available in German (oder: in multiple languages?) and requires little or no programming knowledge to operate.

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