E-Commerce addresses new challenges in web design

For as long as the internet has existed, the trade of services and goods online has existed also. Sales volume on the Internet, also known as e-commerce, has shown steady growth since the data was first collected. In Germany alone, the recorded value of sales in online retail quadrupled within ten years, and, in 2018, stood at over 53 billion euros. Many companies generate their sales revenue almost exclusively through their own online shop or website. . When young founders discuss business plans today, they usually also orient themselves toward target groups on the internet. But, a high-quality website in 2019, that you set up together with your friends from school over a weekend, can no longer be thought of as providing guaranteed success. Instead, there are countless content management systems available that come with different advantages and disadvantages and demand a lot of expertise from the operator of a web presence.

Professional web presences from experts

It’s no wonder that more and more founders are looking for extensive support from service providers who can help them in the selection and implementation of their website. Especially now, when the entire turnover can be made online, it is important to stand out from the competition on the internet and to ensure the best user experience. Andreas Wroblewski and Timo Müller, the owners of the web agency, codafish><>,><> and who have been providing support for an increasing number of founders from year to year through their locations in Berlin and Hamburg, also know this: “Anyone who wants to make online sales should have a well thought-out strategy for this, or get experts on board to provide exactly the support that they need. The website is the determining factor. “

Pimcore, Drupal and WordPress agency in Berlin and Hamburg

With the founding of codafish><>, Timo Müller and Andreas Wroblewski have,> <>, therefore, chosen to specialize in the implementation of several content management systems and offer clients tailor-made concepts depending on the size of the project. “For small projects, we often work with WordPress – upon which about 60 percent of all websites on the internet base themselves.” For demanding, long-term and scalable websites, on the other hand, we prefer to use Drupal. This enables us to implement multilingual, large-scale websites with, for example, integrated online shops that handle thousands of visitors at the same time. ” codafish><> uses Pimcore  as an integrated solution for the digital transformation:

User Experience: A positive impression depends on the details

Which online shop users prefer for their purchases often depends on not so obvious, seemingly little things. “Many of us shop quickly online on the way home on the train, or while waiting for the bus instead of squeezing our way through overcrowded shops. In such moments, the loading times of the website alone can determine whether a potential customer is won over or turned off. So it’s not just about the look, but also about the implementation and efficiency of the site.”

"Many of us shop quickly online on the way home on the train, or while waiting for the bus instead of squeezing our way through overcrowded shops."

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