Pimcore or TYPO3: which CMS is better?

Are you on the lookout for a powerful content management system?

If so, you’ve probably already heard of “Pimcore” and “TYPO3”. These are two free content management systems that are based on open-source technology.

You’ve probably also wondered which content management system is best suited to your needs. We’ll be happy to help you with this decision! In this blog article we’ll explain what Pimcore and TYPO3 have in common, what differentiates the two and why we think Pimcore is the better solution.


Interested in reading more about Pimcore?

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Interested in reading more about Pimcore?

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Interested in reading more about Pimcore?

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The most prominent features shared by Pimcore and TYPO3

Pimcore and TYPO3

  • can both be used as content management systems and enhanced in various ways
  • are frameworks, i.e., programming frameworks that consist of versatile and completely customizable components
  • are both open source, so they can be used worldwide without any licensing costs and are constantly being further developed by the communities (there are new major releases about every two years)
  • can both be used as “headless CMS”, which means that frontend and backend can be edited separately in these content management systems without changing the whole software architecture
  • can control multiple marketing channels (multichannel or omnichannel strategy)
  • meet the European legal safety standards
  • both have a multi-language function, so content can be translated automatically

The main differences between Pimcore and TYPO3

Pimcore TYPO3
° has been available as an open-source CMS since 2013 ° has been known as an open-source CMS since 1998
° is a comprehensive digital experience platform that you can use not only as a Content Management System (CMS), but also for Product Information Management (PIM) and Master Data Management (MDM), for Digital Asset Management (DAM) or as a Customer Data Platform (CDP). ° can only be connected with external software solutions for PIM/MDM, DAM, CMA and CPQ via API interfaces. Though not all data can be integrated via external IT solutions
° is well suited for complex online stores ° is well suited for websites with editorial content
° uses Symfony, a modern and widely used programming language ° uses Fluid (a programming language that is somewhat complicated to use) also TypoScript (a programming language that is partially obsolete

Why we recommend Pimcore to our customers

Pimcore is more than just a CMS

TYPO3 is a content management system that has been in use since 1998 and accordingly has a large community of people behind it. Some refer to it as the bedrock of CMS.It is well suited for use as a classic CMS, for example for managing websites with editorial content. Even complex website structures are possible with TYPO3. Nevertheless, we are Pimcore fans! That’s because Pimcore is so much more than just a content management system. You can also manage comprehensive product information with Pimcore. While TYPO3 requires an external PIM system to be integrated via interfaces [8] for this purpose, the PIM function is already integrated in Pimcore. For online stores with an extensive product range, this is a considerable advantage. Pimcore can be used as a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system, i.e., for managing images, videos, audio files, and other digital documents. In addition, Pimcore can be used in the fields of MDM (Master Data Management), CDP (Customer Data Platform), DCP (Digital Commerce Platform), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and BI (Business Intelligence).

Pimcore improves your e-commerce

With its Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform, Pimcore offers a wide range of options for building a comprehensive e-commerce system B2C or B2B context. A number of modernly designed shopping frontends are available, the modules of which you can assemble individually and customize to your liking. All designs are of course responsive, meaning your online store created with Pimcore automatically adapts to different browsers and devices. This is how Pimcore ensures top-notch buying experiences! You can also build good online stores with TYPO3, TYPO3 fans would say at this point: yes, that’s right. Still though, we prefer Pimcore because it offers many more possibilities.

Pimcore optimizes your marketing

The Pimcore Customer Data Platform (CDP) allows all customer data and associated customer activities to be managed and analyzed. What is the customer interested in? What did they put in the shopping cart? What was deleted again? You can use all of this info in Pimcore to build behavior-specific marketing automations. By the way, with Pimcore you can address your customers at multiple touchpoints simultaneously. That’s because Pimcore stores product information in a way that is media-neutral and adapts it to the various marketing and sales channels when it is displayed. This means that thanks to Pimcore, you can build a successful multi- or omnichannel strategy.

Who is Pimcore ideal for?

  • Companies looking for a powerful alternative to TYPO3
  • Companies that love all-in-one solutions with many functions
  • Companies that want to establish successful e-commerce
  • Companies that like to leverage open-source technologies
  • Companies that want to sell a wide range of products online
  • Companies that are looking to serve multiple marketing channels at the same time
  • Companies that value a modern user interface
  • Companies interested in publishing their content multilingually
  • Companies looking for a CMS that does more than others


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