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Six reasons you should use Pimcore

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Pimcore: This is the way to improve productivity!

Every day, companies generate a ton of important data: information about products and services, suppliers and salespeople, marketing activities and sales, customers and their interests. Often, the amount of data is huge. If this information is not collected digitally and linked in a meaningful way, valuable time is lost. Much more effective than file folders, departmental spreadsheets and confusing notes are tools with which all relevant data can be collected in a central location and compiled.

Pimcore is such a tool! Here, we explain why we, at codafish, are so enthusiastic about Pimcore and recommend it to our customers.

What is Pimcore, actually?

Pimcore is software that helps you to manage large amounts of data – for example, product data, customer data or marketing and analysis data. “PIM” stands for “Product Information Management”. Pimcore is a database with which you can collect and connect information.

This makes Pimcore ideal as a DAM system. “DAM” stands for Digital Asset Management: the management of digital media – whether it is images, videos, audio or documents.

Pimcore can also be used in the areas of MDM (Master Data Management), CDP (Customer Data Platform), DCP (Digital Commerce Platform), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) and BI (Business Intelligence).

It can be used to create websites and web applications, such as online shops, while also using it as a content management system (CMS). Pimcore connects all of these components under the name DXP (Digital Experience Platform).

As you can see, a lot is possible with Pimcore!

Pimcore is a platform for all digital data and customer experience. The API-First approach allows different applications to be connected to one another. As open-source software, Pimcore is license-free and is constantly undergoing further development. Sound good?

We think so, too! That’s why we have created a list of the most important reasons you should use Pimcore.

Wanna know more?

Learn more about Pimcore and how we can support you to digitalize your business!


Wanna know more?

Learn more about Pimcore and how we can support you to digitalize your business!


Wanna know more?

Learn more about Pimcore and how we can support you to digitalize your business!


Six reasons you should use Pimcore

Pimcore creates order and saves time

No more data chaos! With Pimcore you collect and manage all data in a central data storage location and can combine all of the information easily. This has several advantages: For example, you only have to enter and update product information once. In addition, you can associate marketing activities with sales figures – and thus take specific customer interests into consideration.

Pimcore is mulit-faceted

Companies want to reach their customers at several touchpoints, so they have to serve different marketing and sales channels. This is called multichannel publishing – and Pimcore is the ideal tool for this. Pimcore can collect all information media-neutral and adapt it to the various output channels. In the browser or a PDF catalog, there may be space for detailed product information, in the app it must be shorter and in an online marketplace other information is required than in your online shop. Pimcore can take all of this into account. Pimcore is, therefore, ideally suited for a successful multichannel or omnichannel strategy.

Pimcore is customizable and flexible

Stay flexible with Pimcore. Pimcore offers you a fully customizable configuration interface that can be combined with various modules and used for several purposes – including PIM, DAM, MDM and CDP.

You decide which information is requested in the data entry masks and which is not. You decide what to see on the interface. And no matter how you decide: You will quickly realize how intuitively Pimcore can be used!

Pimcore understands your customers

Pimcore is like a well-networked and constantly growing repository of knowledge. For example, use Pimcore as a customer data platform to collect and evaluate various pieces data about your customers. You can store your own CRM or ERP data in your Pimcore database. With this information, you can target your customers along their customer journey.

Pimcore is open-minded and international

Pimcore follows the API-First approach, so it can be connected via API interfaces with other enterprise systems (such as BI, CRM, ERP or ESB) and external third-party applications. This makes it easy to import and export all information.

Pimcore’s Enterprise Translation Management allows you to integrate various translation tools to quickly and easily transfer product information to other languages. At the same time, collaboration as a team is simplified by a sophisticated rights and roles system in Pimcore.

Pimcore continues to improve

Pimcore is open-source software and, therefore, free of licensing fees. Another advantage of open-source software is that it is the driver for innovation! The source code is open, visible and constantly being developed. Pimcore has an active developer community that is always at work adding to and improving the software.

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Where can Pimcore be implemented?

Pimcore is ideal for:

  • PIM (Product Information Management)
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management)
  • MDM (Master Data Management)
  • CDP (Customer Data Platform)
  • DCP (Digital Commerce Platform)
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
  • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • DXP (Digital Experience Platform)

What can be accomplished with Pimcore?

Pimcore enables…

  • the central management of important company data
  • the departure from data chaos
  • a quick overview of information thanks to clear dashboards
  • intuitive navigation via an individually adaptable user interface
  • the connection of external IT applications via API interfaces
  • the networking of business sectors
  • the automation of business processes
  • location-independent work with real-time synchronization
  • greater productivity
  • a better time-to-market balance
  • automated multichannel publishing
  • consistent product information across multiple touchpoints
  • a positive customer journey
  • personalized marketing
  • improved customer loyalty
  • powerful B2C and B2B commerce solutions
  • fast translations of product information
  • the connection to global marketplaces
  • and much more!

Wanna know more?

Learn more about Pimcore and how we can support you to digitalize your business!


Discover Pimcore with us!

We, at codafish, are your competent Pimcore partner

We would be happy to advise you on how you can use Pimcore for your business goals.

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