Voice search – the voice that is slowly but surely setting the tone for SEO

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Pick up your smartphone, press the microphone button and ask the World Wide Web a specific question – the 21st century can be so easy! The feature that provides quick and convenient solutions in everyday life is no longer just a nice feature: voice search has become an essential building block for SEO. This article explains the reasons why you should integrate voice search into your optimization strategy and what measures you should take to achieve this.

Where in the past I once reached for my encyclopedia, nowadays I just grab my smartphone

Do you remember the lengths you used to have to go to when you wanted to research something? Today’s younger generation will never be able to understand how we had to pull encyclopedias from the shelves at home or from the public library. Having opened the table of contents, only to then flick through hundreds of pages of absolutely huge books to find the right solution or information. The advent of the internet (which eventually took hold) was a real milestone that we can only faintly imagine today with our smartphones and mobile data. Looking for the nearest bakery? Just ask the world’s search engines with a quick entry in your mobile device. By hand? Well, that’s also old school now, when you can simply tell your smartphone verbally what you want to know from Google, Bing & Co. at the touch of a button. And it’s also so much more convenient! What is an even more convenient solution for you in everyday life is making big waves in the IT world. Because behind this action is a function that puts a few more to-dos on the table for web admins: the voice search.


Contact us and we will create a digital project from a free initial consultation and draw up a roadmap together.More Info


Contact us and we will create a digital project from a free initial consultation and draw up a roadmap together.More Info


Contact us and we will create a digital project from a free initial consultation and draw up a roadmap together.More Info

Simple but powerful: the functions of voice search

It was a lot of fun when Siri suddenly started giving us answers to our questions in 2011. A personal assistant who understands what we say and offers us solutions! Over the years, many tech giants have joined this technological revolution with Alexa and Cortana. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine our digitalized lives without these ladies: today, more than 50% of internet users are using voice input to ask Google & Co. questions verbally. What we perceive as a small bonus function is in fact a complex piece of technology: to enable us users to perform voice searches, mobile devices use so-called natural language processing, NLP for short, to decode the content. To do this, the user’s question is separated into different components, such as keywords and questions, in order to analyze their meaning. Another marvel of technology that excites and inspires! This is precisely why experts predict that the use of voice search will continue to increase in the future. A prediction that companies and their web admins should consider making a top priority. The main reason for this is that websites need to be prepared for voice search in order to survive in the SEO ranking.

The toolkit for your digital success

If we were to draw up a list of measures that are essential for SEO ranking, they could be summarized in one sentence: everything that brings the user quickly and precisely to the right result for their search query. This not only makes them happy, but Google too – meaning the business concept always comes to a positive conclusion. Your website is solely responsible for this. Everything from the technical aspects to the content of your website will help tip the scales so that Google ranks you first. The difference to conventional searches (yes, that’s what the manual entry of search terms is now called!) are almost inconspicuous, but important levers that have a significant output.

The makeover of your website – a small guide

“Keywords” is the first point on which you should review your website. There is no need to emphasize again that these should match your content and the user’s search query. But here it’s the length that counts! Because unlike conventional searches, where users tend to enter brief short-tail keywords, voice search is the name of the game: “The sky is the limit”. After all, if you can talk to your smartphone, you can be a bit more detailed! This is precisely why it is important to integrate long-tail keywords. So, when users are traveling in Berlin and are searching for a bakery, they won’t just enter the keyword ” bakery Berlin”, but will tend to enter “bakery Berlin near Kurfürstendamm with good coffee”. Including these long-tail keywords not only optimizes your SEO ranking, but also improves your success when you activate Google Ads for your online strategy. Aligning these long-tail keywords with voice search and your matching website content increases your quality score and leads to a better ad ranking. Speaking of quality score: you can also take voice search to a new level with an add-on. How? Very simple. Create content that answers users’ questions. You know what I’m talking about: the good old FAQs! Include them in a category on your website and add helpful blog posts as desired. This makes the search engines’ work all the easier, as your content already provides the most suitable result from the outset. Or you can get your website to talk! With the integration of conversational commerce you can create the perfect conversation partner for your users in the form of chat bots. When paired with the background information in your FAQs, your chat bot is guaranteed to have an answer to every question.

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The tech guys have a few more remarks

As web admins know, it’s not just the texts that are important for a website’s success; the IT professionals also have to get to work and follow up on known points. There is no need for these veterans to optimize the loading speed. This is essential and should come as standard. With voice search, however, even more importance must be attached to this standard. “Essential” is the operative word here, as most users use voice search on their mobile devices. Unlike a desktop PC, the quality of the internet connection plays an important role here. If this is in a rather critical state, your website must function even faster in order to deliver the best search results immediately. Especially the voice assistants like Siri must blow the socks off your loading time. This is because it obtains its information from various data sources during the search, if the loading time is slow, you are at risk of the voice assistants not being able to retrieve the information from your website in time and therefore not taking it into account when displaying the results.

The journey is its own reward – with order and visibility​ ​

What search engines love almost as much as great content and optimum website speed is structure. If you organize your data on the website and systematically categorize and structure it, you will help Google, Bing and the like tremendously in understanding and assessing your content in the best possible way and displaying it accordingly for relevant search queries. You can earn further points if search engines notice that you not only present valuable content on your website, but also play it out on social networks. That’s right – if you look after your social media, not only will your followers applaud you, but so will your SEO ranking. The same applies here: the more you publish relevant topics and keywords on social media, the more you will be seen!


Contact us and we will create a digital project from a free initial consultation and draw up a roadmap together.More Info

Can’t stop, won’t stop – more voice search tips

Do you feel that you have been given a good introduction to the subject of voice search? Then it’s time to write the optimization roadmap. But we wouldn’t be codafish if we didn’t let you in on a few more tips for your new project before you get going. First and foremost: make sure you explore this new territory! To fully understand voice search, you need to try it out for yourself. Grab some of your devices and start a conversation with Alexa or Siri! You will quickly be able to evaluate the user experience for yourself and incorporate the findings into your optimizations. Your knowledge of the latest SEO trends will always need to be on board. Find out what the search engines are currently focusing on, and which factors will continue to play a role in the future. The rapid developments occurring in the digital world are a well-known challenge. That’s why we advise that you always stay at the forefront to adapt your strategy to changes in the algorithm. Speaking of strategy – never forget the importance of your analytics tools in all your measures. Evaluate your optimizations regularly to monitor your ranking progress and use the data to draw conclusions for making adjustments.

ou have to do everything yourself! Or you can leave it to codafish

Voice search, conventional search, a top ranking – the world of SEO is easy to understand, but the practice involves a great deal of effort. At codafish, we can help reduce some of your workload and advise you on all aspects of SEO optimization for your website. Our team of IT and online marketing professionals evaluates your status quo, writes a strategy plan based on this and takes care of the content and technical implementation. Simply get in touch with us!

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