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The recording of working hours is mandatory with immediate effect!

AD A lot has changed in the world of work in recent years. Computers and software make our work easier, machines and robots are taking over physically demanding tasks. Most recently, it has also been proven that full working performance can be achieved from home. In spite of all that has changed, logging working hours remains an important part of our work, primarily to protect the health of employees.

Nowadays, the boundaries between work and free time are becoming increasingly blurred – so it is especially important to clearly limit working hours. This is why, with the ruling of the Federal Labor Court (Bundesarbeitsgericht, BAG), it is now a mandatory requirement to record working hours. On December 3, 2022, the BAG published the reasons for its decision on the mandatory recording of working hours from September 13, 2022 (1 ABR 22/21). This obligation applies to all employers with immediate effect. Regardless of the type and size of company.

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Get started now! Learn more about how to register for the free trial with Zoho People.Read More

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Get started now! Learn more about how to register for the free trial with Zoho People.Read More

Get started now!

Get started now! Learn more about how to register for the free trial with Zoho People.Read More

How does the Federal Labor Court (BAG) stipulate that working time must be recorded?

The Federal Labor Court’s decision obliges the employer not only to establish a system for recording working time, but also to apply it properly. The following times must be recorded:

  • Start and end of work times (duration of working time)
  • Break times
  • Overtime

The system that is used for time recording must also be reliable and easily accessible. While the employer may also delegate this to the employee, this does not relieve them of their responsibility to ensure that the recording of working hours is actually and correctly practiced by them.

Who is required to record working hours?

The Federal Labor Court’s ruling does not distinguish between office-based or remote employees in the ruling. Fundamentally, all employees are affected by the obligation to record working hours. Only current executive employees are exempt from the compulsory requirement.

Types of time recording

The Federal Labor Court has not imposed any obligation on employers to keep records in any particular way. It can be done on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. It makes sense in this day and age to opt for an electronic solution though. Companies have a huge number of different apps and tools at their disposal to help them with this.

When it comes to selecting a system for recording working hours, it is important to consider not only usability and price, but also the data protection aspect. For our colleagues’ time recording at codafish, we made the decision to use the Zoho People solution.

Zoho People is Zoho’s app for personnel management. This HR software allows all employee data to be managed centrally, securely and in a cloud-based format. One of the big perks of Zoho People is the possibility to visualize data and customize workflows. Zoho People is also scalable, meaning that the system can be adapted to any sized business and to any requirements.

Time and attendance tracking with Zoho People

Time and attendance tracking with Zoho People is particularly well suited for contemporary and decentralized organizations. Regardless of where in the world the team is located, all that is needed to track times is an internet connection. Similarly, a reminder email can be set up to remind the employee to check in for work time.

Analyze time tracking

Rather than struggling with tedious Excel spreadsheets, Zoho People can create and analyze insightful reports with just a few clicks. The data can, of course, also be used to precisely calculate the payroll.

Data protection with Zoho People

Zoho People ensures that all the data entered and processed within it is handled with the utmost confidentiality in compliance with the GDPR regulations. With the settings in Zoho People, you also have the option to set up the access and editing rights so that only authorized individuals can view or edit the data.

Finally, it is also important to mention that data encryption ensures that all information is stored safely and securely in the cloud.

Get started now!

Get started now! Learn more about how to register for the free trial with Zoho People.Read More

The obligation to record working hours is effective immediately, so it makes good sense to look for a suitable solution as soon as possible. The best approach here would be to compare different apps and test them out directly with staff. After all, what would be the point of having the greatest and most ingenious tool if no one really likes to use it? (See also the Spanish Information) With the no-obligation trial version of Zoho People, all functions can be tried out and tested free of charge for 30 days.

No credit card information is required for registration. Having used Zoho People for 3 years at codafish for time tracking and general HR purposes, we are more than happy to share our experience and knowledge with our customers. We will gladly assist you with any advice you may require!

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