Professionalizing your online-store with Zoho Commerce

Create your online store in just five steps

Ad Do you want to sell your products online and dream of doing so in a way that is independent of the major platforms? Then having your own store is exactly the right option for you!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an e-commerce expert. At codafish, we like to use the Zoho Commerce template system for our clients’ online stores. Here, we will show you how it works and we’ll give you a few of our best tips.

Zoho Commerce

Trial version for 30 days.Free trial

Zoho Commerce

Trial version for 30 days.Free trial

Zoho Commerce

Trial version for 30 days.Free trial

Create your online store in just five steps

Step 1: Sign up for free, quickly and easily

Sign up here for free at Zoho Commerce You can try Zoho Commerce for free for 30 days. After verifying your account, you’ll just need to answer a few questions about your business, as well as your business goals. If you aren’t sure, you can skip that part for now. However, your store’s name is important.

codafish tip>:While signing up, think about how much time per day you plan to spend on creating your store. That way, you’ll be able to get the most out of your 30-day trial.

Step 2: Create a modern store look

In this next step, you want to choose which template that you like best from the many different options available on the Zoho Commerce platform. If you can’t choose just one right now, then experiment with one that you like. You can always change your mind later, and as often as you like – All templates can also be customized in the “Site Builder” by adding, editing or deleting items there.

codafish tip>: When designing your store, try not to lose yourself in the details at the beginning, you can always add them later. If there is an item that you don’t need right away, then it’s okay to delete it.

Step 3: Add products to your online store

Now you are deep into the process of setting up your store! It’s time to add your products. For each product, you can enter short and detailed descriptions, set prices, create discounts, upload photos and more. Among other things, you also have the option of adding SEO-relevant information for each product so that they can be more easily found by search engines.

codafish tip>: Numbering and categorizing your products is a great way to manage your inventory and to keep an eye on what’s in stock at all times. At Zoho Commerce you can enter categories, tags and article numbers.

Step 4: Set payment and shipping options

One click on “Dashboard” gives you access to additional useful functions: Here you can configure payment and shipping options and enter tax rates. On Zoho Commerce, you can select various online payment services (payment gateways) and shipping service providers for your store.

codafish tip>: Numbering and categorizing your products is a great way to manage your inventory and to keep an eye on what’s in stock at all times. At Zoho Commerce you can enter categories, tags and article numbers.

Step 5: Publish your online store

Now it’s time: Your store can go online! By clicking on “Publish”, you are asked to enter your store’s domain name. To help you at the start, Zoho Commerce offers you a free subdomain ( Alternatively, if you already have a domain name for your store, then you can simply connect your store’s existing domain to Zoho Commerce.

codafish tip>: The domain name for your store should be memorable and as short as possible. Imagine whether someone could type it after only hearing it once and not have to ask about the spelling. Ideally, it should correspond with your store name or your brand.

Take advantage of the analysis options:

With the analysis tools included in ZOHO Commerce, you can maintain a clear overview of everything associated with your store: from the ordering, shipping and payment processes to stock inventories, as well as your income and expenses, while also creating comprehensive sales reports or annual reports whenever you wish. Zoho Commerce can also be connected to popular tracking and statistics tools.

Increase your visibility:

Zoho Commerce integrates a blog function that allows you to attract additional visitors to your online store. Particularly attractive are the clearly structured articles that help to make writing your blog easy and fun (for example, “The 11 best tricks for XY” or “What you need for a successful XY”). Once each of your blog articles is finished, you can automatically promote it on your social media channels. In addition, Zoho Commerce offers the ability to create individual product landing pages which makes it easy to run special promotions and unique offers.

Use the Zoho app extensions

Zoho Commerce is part of the Zoho software package, which consists of over 40 Zoho Commerce is part of the Zoho software package, which consists of over 40 different apps that have all been designed to easily connect with one other. With the Zoho Projects app, for example, you get an overview of the short-term and long-term to-do’s for your online store. The Zoho Marketing Automation application allows you to link your customers’ store activities with targeted marketing campaigns via email or SMS. Zoho Desk is an app that helps you to set up a system of reliable customer service. The possibilities are literally endless.

Get professional support

With Zoho Commerce you can build your own online store, even if you are not an e-commerce expert. The software is intuitive and user-friendly. But if you want to go deeper and use all of the options and app extensions in a way that will take your business to the next level, things could become complex quickly. And often, there is very little time for dealing with the many functions of such a product in detail. The solution: We, at codafish, are an authorized Zoho partner agency and we help you to optimize your Zoho Commerce configurations to meet your business goals, but we don’t stop there, we also work to make continued improvements to your configurations. We offer a support package that provides you with high-quality, reliable support and regular improvements for your online store and everything connected to it.

Zoho Commerce

Trial version for 30 days.Free trial

We at codafish> are your authorized partner for Zoho products

Take advantage of our worry-free, comprehensive service: We have trainings available for you and we provide you with support in the conception of your online store, as well as in the integration and use of all Zoho products.
Would you like to learn more with no obligation? Simply fill in the contact form or call us directly: +49 30 666384800

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