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Nothing gives more insight and a better prospect of a deal than the customer and their data. The Pimcore Customer Data Platform lets you store and manage customer master data on a central platform and create unified customer profiles.

In addition to other features in the context of customer data management such as segmentation, personalization, and marketing automation, the CPD:

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Profile unification

Smooth out your customer data once and for all. Pimcore merges all data from different endpoints into one dataset, checks it for any commonalities for each customer, detects duplicates and removes them automatically.

Customer data management

Pimcore’s Customer Data Platform stores all internal and external customer data from multiple sources in real time.

Real-time personalization

Personalizing digital experiences has never been easier: Pimcore allows you to do this based on customer segments and on-site behavioral targeting.

Customer data modeling

Manage and structure your data based on classification definitions with the help of the Pimcore class editor.

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5 reasons to choose the Pimcore Customer Data Platform


Comprehensive customer experience

The Customer Data Platform allows you to precisely model your customers and their needs, from which a comprehensive customer experience can be designed.


Strengthening customer loyalty

By creating specially tailored customer experiences, you strengthen the relationship with your customers in the long term.



There’s no better way to get to know your customers. Thanks to the inclusion of all needs-based data, you get a comprehensive 360-degree customer profile that you can optimally and continuously measure.


Optimizing external relationships

The evaluations of your customer data are not only valuable for you. Share insights with partners, shareholders and suppliers and improve your business relationships.


Marketing automations

Your customer data is the foundation for achieving your promotion success. The CDP provides a framework with a variety of applications for marketing automation.

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