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You will strengthen your company from the inside

Groundbreaking in the digital market. With Pimcore, you have the only platform that perfectly combines content and commerce to deliver comprehensive enterprise content management in combination with the Digital Experience Platform. With information aggregated into a single source and omni-channel distribution, you can efficiently shape your digital strategy and target your content to your customers using the enterprise web content management system. Easily manage, publish, and update personalized content across web, apps, and social media, and integrate data from multiple sources to create unique digital experiences across all communication channels.

Most importantly, graphically and as a team, the Digital Experience Platform gives you custom designs for your corporate website that your employees can develop without the need to call in IT. This allows all departments to collaborate on one platform.

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Pimcore’s content management system serves not only to create your website, but also to manage and present individual digital experiences.

Multi-channel publishing

Thanks to multi-channel publishing, it is possible to set up automated publishing processes for all devices and channels and easily communicate your content externally.

Print Publishing (Web2Print)

Use Print Publishing to digitize your traditional printing processes and simplify the creation of product catalogs and personalized marketing and sales collateral.

Headless Content Management

With the Pimcore software, backend and frontend can be stringently separated. What’s more, with this content management system developed according to the API-first approach, you can publish content across a wide range of channels.

Personalization and analysis

The system individualizes digital experiences using only analytics, based on key performance indicators, web analytics and business intelligence structures.

Integrated PIM module

The product information management feature is capable of categorizing, classifying, cleansing, and attributing over 40 data types including PDFs, images, and videos to best prepare your product information for distribution to different sales channels.

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6 reasons to choose the Pimcore Digital Experience Platform


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By leveraging the comprehensive features of open-source software, you can save time by eliminating complex integration processes, reduce IT costs, and increase your return on investment.


Diverse publications

Whether single-source or multi-channel publishing, You can manage your content on one platform and distribute it flexibly to all channels thanks to the central database.


Optimal budget deployment

Efficiency to the max. Thanks to the Digital Experience Platform’s easy to use design, you will not only minimize your overall effort and establish a rapid time to market – at the same time, you will also optimize your total cost of ownership.


Your customer stays king

The personalized Digital Experience Platform has one goal in particular: reaching your customers with seamless content commerce at every touchpoint along their customer journey – and in real time.


Digitizing your marketing

Elevate your marketing to a new technological level: transform, process, and deliver data from a wide variety of sources using multi-channel publishing for digital, social, and print.


All-inclusive for the future

A real success story. The Digital Experience Platform comes with a Customer Data Platform model that you can use extensively for your marketing automation.

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