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codafish is a Pimcore Gold Partner

The spring starts with good news for codafish! Following on from a period of growth in 2022, our web developers were successful in having their expertise in working with Pimcore fully certified! So we are super proud to kick off 2023 as a certified Pimcore Gold Partner.

Digitization delivered by experienced Pimcore experts

Since 2018, we at codafish have been relying on the open-source PIM software Pimcore when it comes to challenging and complex projects for our customers. Our team succeeded in implementing Pimcore as a key technology for digitization in more than 15 largescale projects!

Ignite the Pimcore rocket now!

Visit our Pimcore page and discover the many possibilities of the Pimcore universe.

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Ignite the Pimcore rocket now!

Visit our Pimcore page and discover the many possibilities of the Pimcore universe.

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Ignite the Pimcore rocket now!

Visit our Pimcore page and discover the many possibilities of the Pimcore universe.

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What does Pimcore Gold Partner status mean for our customers?

It’s quite simple. It means that our expertise is focused on holistic digital transformation solutions. The Pimcore Gold certification is not only a confirmation of our extensive knowledge with the open source PIM software Pimcore, it also confirms that we have the manpower needed to handle large projects. That is, we have more than 5 developers at codafish who specialize in Pimcore serving our customers.

How Pimcore can be used

Pimcore is a free-to-use open-source software platform developed in Salzburg, Austria. It is composed of six modules:

  • PIM: Product Information Management
  • MDM: Master Data Management
  • DAM: Digital Asset Management
  • CMS/DXP: Digital Experience Plattform
  • CDP: Customer Data Plattform
  • B2B/B2C: Digital Commerce Plattform

Pimcore is a modular system that is based on modern web technologies. Developed in the PHP scripting language, it was based on the Zend Framework up until version 5. Since then, it has been based on the Symfony framework. This significantly cuts the time and energy required for development and the cost of implementation.

Pimcore allows companies to bring their brand’s digital experience to the web in a synchronized way across all touchpoints. It is one of the most successful holistic platforms in the world and is used by companies such as IKEA, Audi, and Deutsche Telekom!

Do you think Pimcore could be a good fit for your business? Read our blog “6 reasons you should use Pimcore” to learn more about how Pimcore can be used.

Codafish has been developing sophisticated customer projects based on Pimcore since 2018. Our customers come from a diverse range of sectors. From real estate management to jewelry retail and IT technology companies. The scope of application for Pimcore is infinite. What all projects have in common though is a huge amount of data and touchpoints that need to be intelligently connected. The smart set up of PIM, MDM, and DAM databases results in time savings for companies. In the past, data had to be searched and analyzed, but now, thanks to Pimcore, any information that is needed can be accessed with just one click.

As a Pimcore Gold Partner, you are in very experienced hands with us. Our Pimcore experts work with you to develop a concept for organizing your data and guide your company through the digital transformation process. How do we work? Please feel free to browse through our portfolio to get a better idea of our customer projects.

Ignite the Pimcore rocket now!

Visit our Pimcore page and discover the many possibilities of the Pimcore universe.

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As a digital full-service agency with colleagues in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, we are your ideal partner for all topics related to digital transformation. We use several technologies like Pimcore, Drupal, WordPress or Zoho, all of which meet the highest standards.
We can help you plan, design, and implement Pimcore as the perfect product information management solution.

With codafish as your Pimcore Gold Partner, you rely on a reliable and experienced Pimcore specialist. We look forward to joining you on your next digital adventure!

You can find out more about the services we offer as a full-service agency on our website:

Would you like to learn more about Pimcore? Visit our Pimcore info page!

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