The goal of security in turbulent times

When it comes to electronic equipment, there is one thing for sure, no commissioning can take place without a seal of approval to ensure that comprehensive safety is guaranteed. This was Paul Thiel’s focus as well. He founded OMEGA
Elektro-Prüfservice GmbH en el 2020.

“We had a clear vision for making the world of work much safer,” Thiel recounts when we asked him how it all began. During the year of Corona, of all years, OMEGA started out on its mission to support companies with its services. OMEGA is a testing company that conducts tests and inspections on electrical systems, devices, machines, e-charging stations, servers and welding equipment. And with great success!


“We are already one of the most dynamic service providers in the field of electrical safety & VDE testing and work in strict compliance with the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, TRBS and DGUV regulations,” says Thiel, summing up the current state of the business.

As a Germany-wide company, OMEGA now supports 450 customers with its current staff of 14. The trend is upward – each month our base expands by about 20 customers. All this sounds like a lot of work for the customer relationship management system. This was however, as OMEGA noted, in urgent need of an overhaul.


A testing and inspection agency puts itself to the test

Given their growing customer base and previous work in sales, OMEGA set a goal for their CRM: efficiency. Better customer management options needed to be created, sales processes had to be safeguarded, and time savings in the sales department were needed.

But what exactly would the best solution for this checklist of requirements be? Paul Thiel was aware that research would be time- consuming, so he called in a business consultant and asked for advice. This person gave OMEGA the recommendation to follow a four-letter magic formula: Zoho. The beginnings were not all plain sailing for OMEGA.

Things didn’t start out quite the way they had hoped, however. “Unfortunately, using Zoho failed at launch. We were very impressed with the software, which is why we started looking for a new service provider from the selection of Zoho partners,” says Paul Thiel.

It didn’t take him long to find his digitization partner-in-crime: codafish.

When aspirations evolve into a real project plan

“First come, first help” is how you could describe the launch of the collaboration between codafish and OMEGA. As the fastest-responding Zoho partner, Paul Thiel personally phoned CEO Timo Müller directly.


“An honest and authentic initial consultation at eye level” is the way that Paul Thiel described
the initial meeting. The three most important goals from OMEGA’s perspective were quickly defined: reliability, adherence to deadlines and support were the fundamental building blocks on which the
testing service provider wanted to achieve with the switch to Zoho One


Not a challenge for codafish, just business as usual! In the first step, a project plan was drawn up and dates for workshops were set.

«The project preparation on the part of codafish was done smoothly and silently, which was a great plus for us. Also, in terms of subject matter, we felt 100% covered, as Timo knew exactly the right
questions to ask at the right time to get the information he needed from us.»

Project management codafish style

During the implementation of the Zoho One Suite, codafish’s project guide was an integral part of the OMEGA strategy. Let the workshops begin! It takes a lot of communication to identify problems, detect needs and tailor the Zoho One software to ideally match the customer’s requirements.


This also involves finding the right modules for the right goals. With more than 40 applications for a wide range of business areas, the Zoho One operating system can be used to fully digitize all work processes. Whether accounting, marketing or sales – all modules can be easily connected in a cloud-based application. After the initial discussions with OMEGA, it was clear that the sales process would be the first building block in the project plan. In the joint workshops, the pre-sales and sales processes were constructed with Zoho CRM


A number of automations were programmed to create a clear structure for customer management and to make more efficient working possible. To support its marketing activities, codafish also designed email templates and PDF templates tailored to OMEGA’s corporate design. And last but not least, codafish prepared Zoho CRM for the Zoho Books accounting
module to link quotation and invoice generation in one interface.


The pitfalls and triumphs of new software

As you have read – a lot of work had to be done! And a lot was learned in the process. “From our side, we were faced with the challenge of throwing out old ways of thinking and patterns of the systems we had previously been familiar with,” Paul Thiel explains. It’s a pattern many companies experience when implementing new applications. For that however, codafish was always at OMEGA’s side.

Sometime later, the moment of truth had arrived for OMEGA as well, and it was time to go live with Zoho One. “We felt the implementation was quick and easy, and we were surprised at how rapidly we were able to get up and running with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books,” says Thiel, praising the go-live launch. 


And just as successful as it started, so it continued for OMEGA, meaning that they were able
to achieve fundamental improvements to their workflow within a very short period of time. From the simplified breakdown of sales areas and distribution of area-based leads for sales representatives, to
quick lead evaluation and time saved on quoting, together with an overview of open, won and lost quotations, monitoring and measuring OMEGA’s sales activities is now a whole lot easier. 


We are very pleased with Zoho and impressed with the results we have achieved so far,” said Paul Thiel.

«Communication with codafish during the project phase was fast, direct and very goal oriented.

Tasks and proposals were implemented within a very short time.»


Zoho and codafish - an unbeatable team in an ongoing commitment to digitization

Straightforward implementation, immediate results, customer satisfaction – this kind of feedback makes codafish’s heart beat faster. Responding to our customers’ needs and providing them with customized, digital solutions for work efficiency is a matter close to our hearts and a continuing goal.


With its broad portfolio of modules, Zoho One offers perfect solutions and creates a unified operating system, which can be individually configured and programmed. Are you interested? Then drop us a line and we’ll arrange a consultation with you!

«The quick and easy communication and responsiveness sets codafish apart from many other service
providers and gave us a positive feeling right from the start.
Everything we worked on was completed on time and to the highest quality standards. We felt that codafish was always acting in our best interest when it came to the consultation and implementation. A clear 10 out of 10 for codafish’s expertise.»

What our clients have to say about us

As a full-service agency, we work together with you to develop a successful digital strategy and we provide you with assistance in all areas of the implementation – from design to hosting and software support.You can find an overview of all of our client testimonials here.

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