Comprehensive business processes, constantly mounting tasks, a plethora of programs – Sebastian Melzer, Vice President of the German Society for Cardiovascular Engineering, was in need of a standardized system to handle all the association’s digital requirements and the specialist work that it does. He discovered Zoho and codafish and together they set to work on dealing with the limitations that were standing in the organization’s way. You can read here how Zoho has succeeded in driving GSFCE’s digitalization forward and how codafish and Sebastian have taken the system to a whole new level.

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Digitizing and connecting all the junctions - quite the challenge!

Representing interests, scientific society, publishing scientific journals, organizing a scientific congress, delivering specialist courses and workshops and supporting students – the German Society for Cardiovascular Engineering is the central point of contact for perfusionists throughout Germany. Vice President, clinical perfusionist and Head of the Perfusion/Cardiotechnology Department at Asklepios Klinikum Hamburg Harburg, Sebastian Melzer, now has 580 members who have registered, obtained information and signed up for events via the website – a bureaucratic and digital challenge that has slowly but surely highlighted the need to optimize work processes. “The decision to implement a new system was the direct result of constantly growing tasks and increased data protection requirements,” explains Sebastian Melzer. “As part of this step, we were also looking for a system that could handle all the digital requirements of a database, accounting and event management system.”

Searching for and finding the perfect solution

Having already worked with the web-based automation service Zapier, Sebastian didn’t have to search long for the optimal solution and he was drawn to Zoho – after all, he found exactly what he needed in the cloud-based operating system right from the outset: a comprehensive solution for the digitalization of all business areas. With more than 40 online applications specifically designed for businesses, Zoho offers a very diverse digital portfolio. The only thing that was missing was the right partner-in-crime to set up the system to meet the individual requirements that the German Society for Cardiovascular Engineering had. A few searches on the usual search engines later, Sebastian came across the pool of official Zoho Partner – including codafish. And after the first meeting it was clear: this was the digital agency and authorized Zoho Partner that was just the right fit for the project. “We were instantly impressed by codafish´s receptiveness to our requirements and ideas,” says Sebastian Melzer, summing up the start of the collaboration. Sebastian clearly defined his goal: a CRM system would have to be converted so that it could manage all the requirements, some of which were very specialized. Primarily due to the fact that these requirements differ greatly from those of traditional companies. This may sound like a challenge, but for codafish it was a source of motivation. That’s why we didn’t waste any time and got to work as soon as possible!
«We were instantly impressed by codafish's receptiveness to our requirements and ideas, says Sebastian Melzer»

The right choice of Zoho tools

The most important thing about such a unique project? Thinking beyond those rigid structures. At codafish this meant: working together in close collaboration to plan the project. “We received expert guidance and defined the various phases of the project by consensus,” says Sebastian. We selected the appropriate Zoho modules to suit the specific demands and requirements expressed by the German Society for Cardiovascular Engineering. The result was impressive. Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Biling, Zoho Backstage, Zoho Contract, Zoho Flow and Zoho Forms were all defined and made ready for future workflows. A colorful medley of applications for one, but an internally coherent system for the association that fulfilled all of their demands.

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«We received expert guidance and defined the various phases of the project by consensus, says Sebastian. »

A switch that needed to be made during ongoing operations? Challenge accepted!

Step 1, set-up. This progressed quickly, now it was time for implementation. While business operations were running, Sebastian and codafish worked at maximum speed and rebuilt a membership administration, a participant administration, the administration of a training support program and set up the complete event organization features before finally integrating it into the accounting module – and all of this was achieved within two months. A tight schedule for which Sebastian even set himself an additional personal goal: “I wanted to understand the DELUGE scripting language so that I could continue to develop the project in the future, especially with regard to Zoho Creator.”
«The process of admitting new members is now a self-running workflow that has reduced administrative work to almost zero, says Sebastian»

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Working with Zoho's functional paradise

Sebastian’s goal could rightly be described as “ambitious”. However, if you look at the results of the project, this goal fits seamlessly into the power of the Zoho functions that codafish has implemented and customized for the GSFCE: the member administration feature was not only built, but also configured with the help of Blueprints and connected to the CRM. “The process of admitting new members is now a self-running workflow that has reduced administrative work to almost zero,” says Sebastian. The special thing about it? According to the regulations of the association, every new membership must be confirmed by two guarantors, who must be contacted. In addition, the Management Board must also be consulted. What used to be a bureaucratic process is now almost fully automated with the help of Blueprints. By connecting Zoho Books and Zoho Forms, donations and membership fees can be automatically generated as contracts in combination with “deals” set up in Zoho CRM. Always there behind the scenes: the synchronization of data with the WordPress content management system.

Working with Zoho: intuitive, individual, surpassing limitations

What codafish has achieved with the GSFCE can be summarized in one statement: these limitations have been overcome. It also showed that a system like Zoho, which has a strong focus on sales and marketing and aims to provide the relevant support, can also be made suitable for companies that are more specialized. When Sebastian Melzer thinks back to the way the Zoho system was conceived, he is more than satisfied. “I rate Zoho as very sophisticated. Working with the programs is intuitive, pleasant and the interlinking between them is great. And the things that aren’t quite right can easily be made fit for purpose – the self-built special modules in particular make our work so much easier. – Sebastian Melzer, Vice President of the German Society for Cardiovascular Engineering

Cooperation at eye level

«The essence of the project was not only to demand something from the system, but also to challenge it in a number of ways. To do this, you don’t only need nerves of steel but also a strong partner at your side. For Sebastian and codafish, the collaboration was more than just efficient - most importantly, it took place at eye level. codafish's work was very structured, competent and friendly. But above all, Timo Müller's patience was remarkable, says Sebastian, summarizing his experience. »

The sky is the limit when it comes to your digital projects

The design and implementation of Zoho One for the German Society for Cardiovascular Engineering is just one example of what this system is capable of. We have a deep understanding of Zoho´s powerful features and will work with you to overcome any obstacle or seemingly insurmountable limitation. Thanks to our many years of experience with Zoho and our programming expertise, we can tailor your digitization to your needs. We are happy to provide you with advice, design the project plan, take care of the implementation and are there for you for training and any subsequent adjustments.

What our clients have to say about us

As a full-service agency, we work together with you to develop a successful digital strategy and we provide you with assistance in all areas of the implementation – from design to hosting and software support.You can find an overview of all of our client testimonials here.


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