Challenges in the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is finding itself in the middle of an enormous push towards digitalization. Users expect an efficient digital search for a suitable property. Simply edited data and an emotional presentation are key elements for success.


That’s Why There is Support for hellomonday

hellomonday specializes in the brokering of office properties in Hamburg. Their mission: Providing people with workplaces that are the right fit for them. For more joy on Monday. Khaled Hamdard is the founder and CEO of hellomonday and talks about his company’s partnership with codafish. The foundation had already been laid:
with the website having been built on the open source platform, Pimcore, the search for a suitable office property is, for the user, easy, efficient and, at the same time, emotional. Such a user experience is only possible through frictionless interfaces with databases in the background.

The Requirements of Technical Support

A decline in website performance was always a threat when interfaces proved no longer compatible and hang ups were occuring in data transfers. A reliable partner for technical support was nowhere in sight. Enter codafish.
“Quick, agile and, in our communications, always one step ahead”, said Khaled Hamdard of hellomonday, regarding his company’s partnership with the agency.

"It’s not easy to find a service provider who knows their way around Pimcore, knows what they are doing and who can offer trustworthy advice."
Khaled Hamdard, CEO

Leveraging for Solutions Through the Agency

What do you do when a colleague enters a new property into the database, but it doesn’t appear at the front end? The first thing that needed to be done was to engage in some practical decision-making with hellomonday. Restoring the site’s performance for the user was the number one goal. Then came the matter of setting the course of the strategic plan for the technical infrastructure of the Pimcore platform – leveraging the existing framework. Integrating new features for an expanded user experience was the task for codafish. “This enabled us to achieve a higher degree of user friendliness”, stated Hamdard of hellomonday.

Deep insights and quick familiarization

What he was most impressed by in his work with codafish was the depth of their “know-how”, the advice that they gave and their authentic, collaborative approach to thinking as a team about the technical implementation of the company’s strategic goals. “Oftentimes, you have to bring other service providers in to deal with certain particular issues – something that adds a layer of complexity to your communications channels. With codafish, you get everything from one provider. Our relaunch was so cleverly thought through that we were even able to execute it without having to do any additional work on the design.


Another challenge for codafish was the need to become familiar with the existing system quickly. “It is often the case that when changing a support agency, the flow of communication between the client and the agency that had been providing the service up to that point gets broken. So, as the new support partner, you have to adapt to the situation quickly using the existing documentation. As well, we have a lot of experience with such working conditions and we know where we need to apply ourselves”, said the two CEOs of codafish><>, Timo Müller and Andreas Wroblewski.


A Service Provider for Widely-Used Technology

The fundamental framework for hellomonday is based on the open source platform, Pimcore. Important import interfaces are controlled, for example, through the help of a back end framework from Symfony. Pimcore uses technology such as “MariaDB” for the structured storage of data and one memory cache, “Redis”, for the acceleration of access to that data. Front end components like the commonly-used Javascripts and Stylesheets are compiled using special “task runners” such as “Gunt” and “Webpack” for the front end, and interpreted
at the front end with Bootstrap.

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