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Online marketing and SEO - how grocery shopping at Hygge turns into an experience

Food packaging is a challenge for waste disposal and the materials used damage the environment. Zero-waste stores offer a new approach in the foodstuffs industry. But, “Hygge Unverpackt” is about more than this: packaging-free, regional and season. 


This is what social media marketing was all about for Hygge Unverpackt

Pascal Hagemüller is the founder of “Hygge Unverpackt” and he is on a mission: Packaging-free food is for everyone. So, out of the eco corner and over to Gretchen’s around the corner. One challenge, in particular, that Hagemüller describes is that of drawing people in the region to a store – regardless of their attitude towards life and social status. Everyone has to eat, after all. Another issue for him is conveying the sense of an alternative grocery-shopping experience at the Hygge store locations: slower-paced and enjoyable.

Tasks for digital marketing

“For success, we depend on the people in the area feeling emotionally connected and loyal to the brand – regardless of their social background. We also want to convey that people can have a different shopping experience at our locations than at the traditional supermarket: slower-paced and enjoyable – for example, with a stop at the adjoining cafe. Social media marketing is, for us, an important instrument in the first step”, explains Pascal Hagemüller.

"With our Hygge Unverpackt locations, we want to create a regional platform for both consumers and producers."
Pascal Hagenmüller, Founder

Invest Enery in the Development of the business

However, he is not the creative type and he takes far too much time to write a post. He prefers to invest his energy in the development of his locations. So, it made sense to rely on codafish><> – who bring their expertise in managing social media accounts, as well as their wealth of ideas and strengths in writing copy. In the future, he not only wants to place his faith in the development of organic reach, rather, he also wants to invest in target-specific paid content. Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine advertising (SEA) are conceivable further steps for him.


Appropriate content and targeted account management for social media

For optimal online marketing to the store’s customers, codafish><> first carried out an analysis of the target groups and, in line with the customer profiles and the existing budget, derived the goals for the online marketing strategy. The way to the goal is made up of many components including: the building of a brand profile on social media and expanding organic reach, the on-site and search engine optimization (SEO) of existing web presences with backlink setups, and paid content – the placing of ads via Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. An analytical perspective is important here: evaluations using analysis tools provide insight into the status of goal attainment.

codafish><> gives us new ideas to strengthen our brand

In the case of “Hygge Unverpackt”, Hagemüller describes the process of working with codafish><> as follows: “Whenever I visit the beekeeper in the region, or the farmer who delivers fruit to a Hygge location, I take pictures and then send them to codafish><>. They fashion relevant stories around them and place them on social media. In addition, codafish><> brings in their own ideas that help to further strengthen our brand profile in the social media posts – like a unique cultural characteristic of the region that can be linked to the consumption of seasonal foods. Here, in Schleswig-Holstein, for example, kale stands for much more than just food. It stands for a social event.”

What Hagemüller appreciates about working with codafish><> is their reliability and their uncomplicated way of communicating. “If you say that you need this or that by a certain point in time, then it’s there, too.” In addition, as a client of codafish><>, you are not just a number, you often notice that codafish><> has you on their mind. “They have Hygge on the brain”, smiles Pascal Hagemüller.


Generate leads with digital marketing

Marketing is about generating leads – in other words: customer contacts. With online marketing, individual activities can be precisely analyzed and planned – unlike with print. Analysis tools, such as those available through Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, play an important role in campaign planning, campaign evaluation and campaign optimization. The evaluations are what codafish><> uses as a basis for cost-effective marketing planning. If necessary, codafish><> also creates A / B testing scenarios for new products and functionalities.

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