Challenges in the Media Industry

In the course of digitalization, traditional media companies are finding themselves faced with the enormous challenge of retaining listeners who do not readily switch on the radio or television. It is now a matter of attracting new users to streaming services. The reliable hosting and server management of digital services are, therefore, key to success.


That's what hosting for Radio Hamburg was all about

more Marketing is the marketing company for Radio Hamburg. The company is responsible for the station’s website – a role which involves the promoting of new streaming offers, as well as the setting up of pages for showcasing live events, or special campaigns, such as “Listeners Helping Children”. Taking care of the intranet for the station’s employees is also part of their job.


Sebastian Tegtmeier leads the “digital team” at more Marketing. The beginning of the partnership with codafish><> as a full-service agency for hosting and server management occurred through a particular project. “Everything went great,” Tegtmeier says, in looking back. “That was the start of further projects. Since then, we have had numerous sophisticated websites hosted by codafish><>.”

Hosting Needs

“As a media company, we have special hosting requirements,” explains Tegtmeier. “Of course, the pages have to be 100% accessible, if possible, and the agency has to react to problems immediately. 24/7 service and support should be available. We get all of this with codafish><>. As a service provider in the media sector, we also have advanced requirements that codafish><> satisfies: The servers must withstand periods of increased traffic volume. This particularly applies to our event-accompanying pages, such as TOP 800 or ‘Stars For Free’. It just has to go smoothly on stage. We have had less than positive experiences with other agencies in the past,” says Tegtmeier about hosting by codafish><>.

"It just has to go smoothly on stage. We have had less than positive experiences with other agencies in the past,

Sebastian Tegtmeyer, Technical Manager

Guaranteed reliable hosting and server management

As a full-service agency for hosting and server management, it is important to be flexible. For more Marketing for Radio Hamburg, this means that the hosting agency walks the demanding path into the digital future alongside – developing innovations and, for example, integrating attractive features into the websites. The users (in the case of Radio Hamburg – the listeners) experience first-hand the fact that interfaces to podcasts are seamlessly integrated – a feature that was implemented with the help of codafish><>. As well, for the implementation of a mobile-first strategy, Tegtmeier is happy to turn to the advice and assistance that codafish><> offers.


Invisible to the user, but all the more important for satisfied hosting clients, is, for example, the implementation of technologies, such as Google’s AMP, to accelerate page load speed. “Our expectations of hosting are high: the agency has to be forward-thinking – that is, it has to be thinking about the next trends in the moment; react quickly to problems and implement solutions,” states Sebastian Tegtmeier.



Timo Müller and Andreas Wroblewski, the Chief Executive Officers of codafish><>, add: “A lot of the things associated with hosting by codafish><> run largely unnoticed in the background. On the technical side, this includes, for example, the automatic updates of the website instances, the provision of server capacities for peak times and the availability of a disaster recovery plan. As a reliable hosting agency, we are also the direct point of contact for everything from databases and FTP access, all the way through to the management of e-mail accounts.”


Certified hosting service provider

codafish><> hosting is certified by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand (The Federal Association of Medium-Sized IT Enterprises). All of the company’s servers are located in Germany. This guarantees the highest security standards and compliance with both German and European law. codafish><> also has direct points of contact for customer inquiries, for example, when setting up e-mail addresses, FTP accounts and MySQL databases. A well thought-out disaster recovery plan secures web projects every hour on a physically separate server instance.

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