Do you need a corporate promotional video? Absolutely!

Do you need a corporate promotional video?

It all started with this question: Does a company need a corporate promotional video? At first, we didn’t think so. We had first seen such a video while on site with one of our clients and were quite excited about it, on the one hand.

On the other hand, however, we were aware of the fact that a big investment of time and money had to go into a corporate promotional video. The question was, then: Is this investment worthwhile? Our answer today is: Yes, it’s worth it! In this blog post we take a look behind the scenes…

Wanna see us?

Watch the image film on YouTube!


Wanna see us?

Watch the image film on YouTube!


Wanna see us?

Watch the image film on YouTube!


The creation of a corporate promotional video

Step 1: Hire professionals for the job

After the decision to make a corporate promotional video was reached, we took care to find the right people for the project. Fortunately, that was not difficult! We knew right away that we wanted to work with the filmmaker, Robert Scharnberg, who had already made an excellent corporate promotional video for one of our clients. We hired the sound agency, WESOUND, with whom we had been working for a long time – the agency is also responsible for our codafish jingle and had cast the voice of our telephone system.

Step 2: Rent a location

As an international digital agency, we work from different locations. Working remotely has been a matter of course for us since our founding in 2018. Because of this fact, a central office where we could have shot the video doesn’t exist. And our home offices in Madrid, Hamburg and Berlin would have been too small for a shoot with the whole team. So it was clear: We needed a large office space for the shoot days!

Our client, hellomonday, had the ideal tip for us in this situation: OFFICE.ONE, a Hamburg provider of innovative office and conference concepts and co-working spaces. We chose a large conference room within an office in HafenCity. The bright, modernly-designed location, with its 180-degree view of the Elbe and HafenCity sold us right away. And, since we love long-range planning, we booked the whole thing as early as possible and reserved the location for two days of shooting months in advance.

More information about the offers and services of OFFICE.ONE can be found here.

Step 3: Plan the content

Now, most of the real work had begun: What do we want to express in the film – and how do we want to visualize it? Finding that out was a long process. After many meetings and exciting discussions, we decided to make it clear in the film that we, as a full-service agency, are capable of providing many services – from developing a strategy around the programming of complex web applications to providing the technical support for various software tools.

In addition, it quickly became clear that we wanted to show ourselves as a team so that potential customers would not only see us in static website photos, but could also experience us in action. So, we decided to fill the film with different scenes from our daily work.

Step 4: Develop a storyboard and text

Now the planning was becoming more and more concrete: Robert discussed every single scene with us and developed a storyboard in which it was precisely determined what and who would be seen when. The film introduces the three primary locations in which we have a presence: Hamburg, Berlin and Madrid. Then, the six areas of service that we offer are presented:

Based on this storyboard and stock material from photo agencies, Robert created a wonderful first treatment for our corporate promotional video design that immediately convinced us. Now it was time to move on to the narrative. This was also an exciting process: How do you explain what we do in just under one and a half minutes? Which expressions and phrases are important to us? And what information can we leave out so that the viewer is not overloaded during this short amount of time? The finished narrative, we had translated into English and Spanish, as we are an international company with a trilingual website. In the next step, these translated narratives were laid by Robert as voice tracks on the film treatments. So we had a first cut – the foundation for the shoot was finished!

Step 5: Shoot the film

The time had come. We were able to begin the actual shoot in Hamburg. It was much easier than expected! Of course, at first, it felt a bit strange recreating a situation from everyday work. We were all in front of a camera for the first time. But the collaboration with Robert and, stylist Carina Häusler, was so relaxed that our stage fright was quickly gone. Thanks to the detailed storyboard, we knew the scenes we had to record well. And it was a lot of fun to work together as a team for two days in one place on a common project. In this respect, our decision to make a corporate promotional video paid off three times over:

1. We have already dealt intensively with our corporate identity during the planning phase.

2. We experienced an inspiring time together during the two shooting days, so – without this being planned beforehand – had a wonderful team building event.

3. We can now give our website visitors an entertaining and vivid impression of what we offer, who we are and how we work


Step 6: Enjoy the result

After the shoot, the film was edited by Robert and went to the recording studio of WESOUND. The result is a film that excites us all!
The film shows us as real people in action. Demonstrates how we work. Sums up our services. The film is the attention-grabber on the start page of our website. It leaves images in the mind of the viewer.

And many happy memories for everyone involved. That is why we advise all those who are still considering whether they need an image film: Go ahead and do it! It’s worth it!

1. First, you gain clarity!
As you think about what you want to convey with a corporate promotional video, you deal intensely with your corporate identity. This gives you clarity about what really comprises your business and what makes it different from others.

2. You strengthen your team!
The series of shoot days and the pride felt in a project that you have put together as a whole team are beneficial for team-building.

3. You broaden your horizons!
And that doesn’t just happen because you rent a location above the rooftops of a city. No, the planning and production of a corporate promotional video is a valuable experience for everyone involved – we are convinced of this in our experience now.

4. You convince in a hurry!
For a corporate promotional video, you quickly get to the point about your most important offers or services within about a minute – and thus convince customers who have little time.

(By the way: This is exactly the skill you need for an elevator pitch – which is called this way, because you have to convince your listener of your own idea during a short elevator ride)

5. You promote yourself well!
It’s logical, after all, this is about a corporate promotional video! We include it in the list as a good reason. That’s what it’s all about: It leaves a positive impressions on the minds of potential customers – even those who may not be able to decide immediately.

Modern work requires flexible spaces

We shot our image film in the beautiful conference room Shanghai in Hamburg’s HafenCity. We found the location at OFFICE.ONE Hamburg and would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

Ina Gipp, OFFICE.ONE, Hamburg

OFFICE.ONE offers many opportunities at four locations in Hamburg to work alone or together, on a project-by-project basis or on a permanent one. There are around 170 offices of different sizes, around 150 co-working workspaces and 7 conference rooms that can be rented on a daily basis or for longer periods.

Whoever works here has nothing to worry about because OFFICE.ONE takes care of everything. “One of our customers, therefore, called us an ‘office hotel’”, Ina Gipp, authorized signatory at OFFICE:ONE, told us. And that is how we felt: as if in a hotel where you can work really well. Thank you very much! Further information:

Wanna see us?

Watch the image film on YouTube!


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