Digital Commerce Platform (DCP)

Create an e-commerce framework for your customers

The customer experience of the future

With the Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform, you will be equipped with a commerce framework that is perfectly tailored to the personal needs of your customers. As it consists of API-driven components, you can build powerful B2C and B2B solutions and lay the foundation of unique customer experiences.

How does the Digital Commerce Framework work?

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The Digital Commerce Framework connects up with your data management components, through which your data and digital assets converge. These can be centrally managed and distributed for multi-channel publishing – whether in your store, your app, or on your social media channels. The result: you can speed up your time-to-market with your company by reaching your customers and delivering highly personalized experiences for them by delivering targeted content on your desired channels.


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Learn about the features of the Digital Commerce Platform:

B2C and B2B e-commerce framework

Target your B2C and B2B customers directly and individually with the help of the flexible e-commerce-framework, the optimal basic structure that also offers the creation of cross-channel scenarios for e-commerce.

Experience management

Content and commerce converge on the experience management platform to create the best buying experiences for your customers: categorize your product data using “behavioral targeting” and combine it with digital marketing to ensure high conversion rates.

Product Information Management

Pimcore is the only experience management platform that combines e-commerce and product information management, so your data stays internally and externally rigorous.

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7 reasons to choose the Pimcore digital commerce framework


Business accelerator

Pimcore acts as your market accelerator when it comes to creating customer-centric e-commerce solutions and sustainable and lasting experiences.


Improved time-to-market

Nobody will be on the market faster than you thanks to DCP. You will be able to fulfill your customers’ wishes in the shortest possible time.


Complex products – not a problem

What this technology is capable of: Pimcore E-Commerce offers you a product hub so that you can offer a diversified product portfolio of both physical and digital products as well as the services that correspond to them.



Pimcore’s open-source omnichannel technology keeps you one step ahead in your digitization process.


Reaching customers in the best way there is

The components of the digital commerce framework personalize your customer experiences and deliver just the right experience at every touchpoint along the e-commerce customer journey.


B2B and B2C in focus

With the framework you construct the basis for extensive B2B and B2C product configurations and support your sales team by simultaneously designing configure, price, quote (CPQ) applications that allow you to map personalized sales processes for customer-specific products.


All in one commerce strike

Merging content and commerce can create a platform for more Pimcore features: Digital Experience Platform, Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Digital Asset Management, and the Customer Data Platform.

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