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Our references

Check out our reference projects here!


Our references

Check out our reference projects here!


Our references

Check out our reference projects here!


The most significant benfits of Pimcore's e-commerce solution

The most significant benefits of Pimcore’s e-commerce solution

The Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform is a platform that combines all processes in the area of content and commerce. Pimcore is a framework (programming framework) that you can use as a content management system (CMS) for your product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM), for digital asset management (DAM), or as a customer data platform (CDP). With Pimcore, you will build a complete e-commerce system and significantly improve your time-to-market balance (time to market).

Pimcore makes online stores successful

The Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform enables state-of-the-art shopping frontends in responsive designs that automatically adapt to different browsers and devices. You can create your store from many individually-assembled e-commerce components or use fully-configured and ready-to-use online shop frontends. No matter which option you choose, Pimcore ensures first-class shopping experiences!

Pimcore is a professional PIM system

If you want to sell many products successfully, you need a professional product information management system that centrally manages all information, links it to the company’s own ERP system and provides it for various marketing channels: for your own online shops, online marketplaces and social media, for example. The Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform is just such a PIM system!

Pimcore inspires B2C and B2B customers

With the Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform, you can develop a wide range of powerful e-commerce solutions in the B2C or B2B context – from online shops to subscription platforms and ticketing systems. Pimcore offers you numerous functions for digital business processes with end customers or with other companies.

Pimcore is used worldwide successfully

Pimcore is used by over 100,000 companies around the world. Large companies such as AUDI, BOSCH, FLEUROP, IKEA, LEGO and TUI are just as enthusiastic about the diverse Pimcore options as the small companies.
This is partly due to the fact that Pimcore can be used across borders. Pimcore is based on the international code standard UTF-8; the platform automatically translates product information into several languages and supports different currencies and units of measurement. Pimcore is simply world class!

Pimcore is license free

The Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform is an open-source framework – and that comes with many advantages! First: Pimcore is license-free. Second: As a framework, Pimcore is a programming framework consisting of versatile and completely customizable components. Third: The source code of any open-source software is openly visible – and so, Pimcore is constantly being developed by an enthusiastic community.

Pimcore knows your customers

The Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform is closely connected to the Pimcore Customer Data Platform (CDP). Here you can manage and analyze all customer data and information on customer activities and lay the foundation for behavioral targeting – that is, for behavior-specific marketing automations and real-time personalization. Pimcore is, therefore, the ideal tool if you want to optimize your marketing activities.

Pimcore permite Headless Commerce

The Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform supports the headless commerce approach, which is becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce. “Headless” means that the frontend and backend can be edited separately from each other without having to change the entire software architecture. For example, with the Pimcore Digital Commerce Platform, you can change the shop look without having to touch the backend. At the same time, Pimcore guarantees efficient data exchange between all components and can be connected to other company systems or external, third-party applications via API interfaces.

Because Pimcore…

  • forms the foundation for powerful B2C and B2B
  • online shops enables scalable e-commerce solutions
  • brings PIM/MDM, DAM, CMS, CMA and CPQ together onto one platform
  • combines content and commerce
  • contains many modern templates for store frontends
  • stores all product information centrally
  • enables multichannel marketing on various online channels
  • collects relevant data about customer activity
  • personalizes the customer approach in real time (behavioral targeting)
  • is an open-source framework based on Symfony 5 / PHP 8 / GraphQL
  • uses the international UTF-8 standard
  • Supports different languages, currencies and units of measurement
  • contains API interfaces for external programs
  • reduces time-to-market balance sheet
  • can be used for various B2C and B2B checkout scenarios
  • can be connected to external ERP and e-procurement processes
  • provides key CPQ options (configure/price/quote tools)
  • supports the headless commerce principle for greater agility
  • is constantly evolving through a global community
  • delivers innovative customer experiences

Our Pimcore references

At codafish, we like and often work with Pimcore because we are excited about how much can be achieved with this open-source technology.
If you would like to learn more about us and our references, check out the reference page!

The most important e-commerce terms briefly explained

  • B2B / B2C = “Business-to-Business” (Companies) / “Business-to-Customer” (End customers)
  • Backend / back office = software structure behind the frontend
  • Checkout = end of order process
  • CMS = “Content Management System” = System for the creation of digital content
  • CPQ = “Configure Price Quote” = Process from product configuration to quotation creation
  • CTA = “Call to Action” = Call to Action such as “Order Now” buttons
  • DAM = “Digital Asset Management” = Management of digital media E-Commerce = electronic commerce (also online trade or digital commerce)
  • E-Commerce = electronic commerce (also online trade or digital commerce)
  • ERP = “Enterprise Resource Planning”, meaning the resource planning of a company
  • Frontend = the view of a website or app that the customer sees
  • Headless commerce = decoupling of frontend and backend
  • Multichannel marketing = marketing via different channels
  • MDM = “Master Data Management” = Management of a company’s master data
  • PIM = “Product Information Management” = Management of product information
  • Time-to-market balance = time to market

Our references

Check out our reference projects here!


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