How Zoho PageSense improves your website’s conversion rate.

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Why don’t my website visitors convert to customers?

Ad Your website is your store front on the virtual high street. Only the most attractive shop windows, decorated with the most important details and information, get the attention of customers. Do you regularly ask yourself whether your offers, information and graphics are optimally placed? With the analysis software, PageSense, you will learn exactly that! Optimize the contents of your website for more conversions with PageSense.

PageSense – your tool for successful conversion optimization

How many different tools do you use to evaluate visitor behavior on your website so that you can optimize your conversion rate? Do you understand all of the metrics presented? With the PageSense analysis software from Zoho, you have several valuable features at hand that present the most important website metrics in a compact and understandable way. Optimize your conversion rate and close more deals with PageSense.

With the Heatmap, you can learn which elements of your website get the most attention. Analyze how the user surfs your website. In addition, you can optimize the user experience with A/B tests or split URL tests with just a few clicks. Interact with visitors with quick pop-ups, push notifications or polls.

In this article, we will show you how you can easily understand and optimize your website with PageSense.

Try PageSense

Try PageSense for 15 days - FREE! Contact us! We would be happy to set up an appointment for a short demonstration - no obligation.

Try PageSense for free!

Try PageSense

Try PageSense for 15 days - FREE! Contact us! We would be happy to set up an appointment for a short demonstration - no obligation.

Try PageSense for free!

Try PageSense

Try PageSense for 15 days - FREE! Contact us! We would be happy to set up an appointment for a short demonstration - no obligation.

Try PageSense for free!

How Zoho’s PageSense helps with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

PageSense has six modules. All tests, analyses or tracking functions can be oriented towards an audience segment that is defined by you. PageSense gives you deep insight into your website’s data. That’s why we recommend that you first define your strategy and goals. This allows you to achieve the desired results faster and without detours. Of course, we will be happy to help you to develop that strategy.

Learn where your visitors come from

In the Analytics module, the most important key figures of your website are presented clearly and comprehensibly:

  • The performance graph shows you in real time how many visitors visit your page over a defined period of time and where the traffic comes from.
  • The page views are recorded in detail and differentiated between organic search results and those from Google Ads, social media, direct calls or campaign links.
  • You can also analyze from which countries visitors connect to your site and which devices (desktop, tablet or mobile) are used.

In addition, you get an accurate listing of all pages with important metrics such as page views, average session duration and bounce rate. All of these metrics give you important insights into which pages perform well and which ones you should look to optimize.

Track key website metrics

In the Tracking module, you can define and set up conversion targets for your page with just a few clicks. This is especially interesting if you want to know how often a certain button is clicked on or how long the visitor is on the page (duration of visit). This allows you to compare your business goals with the performance of the website in the most optimum way possible.

Do you already use funnels? In the Tracking module, you can also create a Funnel Analysis. This is useful if you want to analyze at which point along the customer journey your visitor leaves. Here is where you can start your optimization process.

Analyze how your visitors move around the site

The Analyze module offers three exciting features! Let’s start with the Heatmap. This map shows you a meaningful picture of what content on the website gets the most attention from your visitor. Through the integrated Scrollmap and Attention Map, you learn where important elements should be placed for increased visibility.

For a comprehensive picture of the user experience, recordings of website visits can also be analyzed. Here you can see exactly how the visitor comes to the page and how they click through the content.

Does your website contain forms that you want to use to generate leads? With the PageSense analysis software, you can also precisely analyze the forms and gain an understanding of which fields have a particularly high abandonment rate. With this information, you can optimize forms with accuracy.

Optimize your website and improve the conversion rate

The Optimize module helps you to improve your conversion rate. Smaller or bigger changes to your website and their impact on the conversion rate can be measured through this module.

The A/B test is particularly suitable if you want to highlight a call-to-action in a certain color or to place it somewhere else. Using the integrated and intuitive editor, you can make the adjustment quickly and put it online.

For extensive changes to the layout of the website, it is recommended that a split URL test be performed. So that you do not risk losing sales, while still being able to compare which version of the site brings maximum conversions.

Personalize the user experience

In the Personalize module, you can offer the website visitor an individual visitor experience. Based on demographic data, the weather in their region, their buying behavior and more, you can dynamically place personalized content on the page for each visitor. The visual editor can be used to provide any number of personalized visitor experiences. All without graphic designer or programming skills!

Address your visitors directly

The Engage module makes it easy to interact with the visitor. Popups with information about special offers or push notifications with information about the new article in the blog are quickly created with the editor. Do you want to ask your visitors about a particular topic or about customer satisfaction? You can also put surveys online quickly and easily with PageSense.

As you can see, the actions described above are very easy to implement on your website. In order to run and measure the tests, conversions and analyses, a small technical intervention in the backend of the website is necessary. PageSense provides a code snippet which must be integrated into the website. Simply copy thescript tag and install it in the section of your website. Alternatively, you can also use the Google Tag Manager or other CMS tools such as Joomla. For the integration into the content management systems Pimcore, Drupal and WordPress, you can also contact us.

Is PageSense GDPR-compliant? Yes!

An important point is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): PageSense scores higher than others because of the fact that the servers are located in the EU and data can only be passed on by consent. In addition, all IP addresses are stored anonymously to ensure data protection. This advantage is important with regard to the recent EU court decisions which state that Google Analytics is no longer GDPR-compliant.

Try PageSense

Try PageSense for 15 days - FREE! Contact us! We would be happy to set up an appointment for a short demonstration - no obligation.

Try PageSense for free!

Would you like to learn more with no obligation? Simply fill in the contact form or call us directly: 00800 2632 3474

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