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What was seen as a gimmick by ambitious small and medium-sized companies at the turn of the millennium now extends across the entire economy: In 2019, open source technologies and software solutions will not only be used by all companies listed on the DAX, but in some cases, even actively supported. Apart from the cost factor, considerations surrounding the security components related to their use are critical.

Agency for web design and web development in Berlin and Hamburg: Open source solutions - first choice, from the client's point of view

While open source even controls critical work processes and the security architecture at large companies, inevitably, small and medium-sized companies find themselves faced with open source when they enquire about a fitting web presence. More and more often, companies are the target of attacks on the internet – be it by competitors in the market or through industrial espionage. As a consequence, not only can customer data be lost, but so can business-relevant data. In order to counteract this, experts in web development are, these days, relying almost exclusively on open source instead of on proprietary solutions. These solutions don’t just allow for much better individualization and align with specific security requirements. The leading full-service agency for Berlin and Hamburg, codafish, relies on technologies such as Pimcore, an open source content management system (CMS) that encompasses master data management (MDM), product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) for demanding web projects; or Drupal, an enterprise CMS, that can always be protected against the latest attack strategies – thanks to an active developer community.

Business applications, e-commerce and commercial websites benefit from a secure online architecture

For large companies and e-commerce market leaders, the scalability of their projects is crucial. Multilingual online shops that are capable of handling thousands of simultaneous visitors, complex business applications, mobile apps and websites, therefore, need a team of IT and development experts who are constantly working on the infrastructure. While license fees are now being treated as a mere secondary factor in decision-making, it is, first and foremost, the standardized interfaces that guarantee flexible scalability and sustainability.

Open Source: Strategic scalability and expandability as a deciding factor

This is the way in which websites and business applications can be expanded flexibly to include more elements, such as add-on services and apps for mobile devices – even after they have been created. Powerful systems such as Pimcore or Drupal also offer multilingual teams in different parts of the world a platform on which all employees can work at the same time. It is for this reason that the technological framework of integrated web services and web offerings is often implemented using Pimcore – including at such companies as, for example, T-Mobile or Deutsche Bahn.

Pimcore and Drupal: Fast updates thanks to an active developer community

Updates for general standards on the web or in operating systems often not only lead to improvements, but can also open closed doors for attackers. Closing these gaps requires a tremendous amount of manpower and competence, which providers of manufacturer-dependent software often only have to a limited extent. In such situations as these, once again, popular open source solutions such as Pimcore or Drupal are often miles ahead of their commercial competitors.Thanks to active communities of developers and content creators who contribute to the further development of open source, security gaps are often closed much faster. Large companies like Microsoft and their departments actively encourage the development of elementary open source services – receiving the support that is so urgently needed due to the lack of license income. For the implementation of individual web projects based on Pimcore or Drupal, however, it is essential to hire specialists, whether for Drupal or Pimcore development, who have experience with open source web projects and who also work in a consulting capacity when determining the right approach. Because, by choosing the right framework, money and personnel can be saved in the long term and can, then, be invested elsewhere.

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