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Pincore demo
In the web industry, this topic is unavoidable: Pimcore. Everyone is talking about it, but you might be asking yourself: what is Pimcore and how can it contribute to achieving my digitization objectives? We’ll address your questions and demonstrate how you can trial the system with us!


What is Pimcore? A brief introduction

Pimcore stands out as an exceptional open-source platform for content management systems (CMS) and product information management (PIM) – recognized as one of the finest available on the market. Using Pimcore, you can create websites, online stores, and much more. The system is designed to assist you in managing and organizing product data and other content effectively. This enables you to establish comprehensive product information management and leverage it to establish and execute e-commerce and omnichannel sales strategies. Pimcore’s applications extend beyond IT to encompass sales and marketing, particularly. By enabling the launch of multilingual websites and facilitating the creation of tailored experiences for your customer journey through content personalization and digital customer experiences, among other features, Pimcore consistently maintains its leading position among the competition.

That’s enough for now on the theoretical functionality front, a topic we could delve into for hours. Because admittedly: Pimcore is a complex subject that you don’t just want to read about, but actually see in action. How fortunate that we have the Pimcore demo available for you!


Please contact us to arrange a free appointment.More info


Please contact us to arrange a free appointment.More info


Please contact us to arrange a free appointment.More info
Pimcore demo

Why a free Pimcore demo?

Very simple. So you can experience the functions of Pimcore firsthand, rather than just reading about them on pages and pages of text. Taking a tour through Pimcore’s CMS provides you, as a user, with a whole new understanding of the Pimcore system. You can explore the intricacies of the individual settings and gain insight into the optimal implementation of your digital initiatives.

The guided tour

During the Pimcore demo, our developers will walk you through all the relevant topics for your company, especially focusing on your digital transformation needs. You’ll discover how to efficiently manage data, images, videos, and documents, and delve into the various facets of the open-source software, including e-commerce applications and a variety of settings. As a certified Pimcore Gold Partner, we guide you every step of the way, offering explanations, advice, and outlining all available channels for your use.

The Pimcore demo process

In your demo project, we aim to provide structured guidance, not just a mere demonstration of the system and listing of all functionalities. We’ve put together a 3-step demo package to ensure you have the most effective and comprehensive Pimcore experience possible.

Step 1: Consultation on customer requests and solutions

Your company is dedicated to digital transformation, and during your research, you came across Pimcore. Subsequently, you requested a demo through our website.
You’re basically ready to go! Upon receiving your request, we will reach out to you for an initial discussion. This initial discussion typically lasts between 30 to 60 minutes and is provided to you free of charge. During this meeting, we aim to familiarize ourselves with your company, understand your current digital status, and identify any challenges you may be facing. With this information in hand, we collaborate with you to define your potential project goals with Pimcore and establish the focal points for your Pimcore demo.

Step 2: Demo tour

For this part, we’ll schedule another online meeting to go through and explain the system based on these focal points and goals.

The demo offers a fundamental overview of the various Giga functions. These include the PIM, DAM, DXP, CMS, CDO, and the digital commerce platform. “A tapestry of abbreviations,” a Pimcore newcomer might quip in response. Therefore, let us tell you a bit more about them here!

Product information management (PIM)
As mentioned earlier, you can utilize the PIM to store all your product-related data, including descriptions, information, and images, ensuring a cohesive product narrative. ->Learn more
Digital asset management (DAM)

The DAM ensures that all your media assets are centralized and managed in one location, allowing for efficient organization and management of media data. -> Learn more

Digital experience platform (DXP)

The DXP is where your content and marketing efforts are personalized, making them tangible and tailored to your audience. A variety of tools are available here to help you create personalized experiences for your customers. -> Learn more

Content management system (CMS)

When it comes to setting up your website, the CMS is there to assist you. The tool supports you in delivering your content in a simple and, above all, attractive manner to your users. Because, as we all know, the eye is very much involved in the process of conducting research! -> Learn more

Customer data platform (CDP)

Your customer data is your most valuable asset, and GDPR-compliant, secure storage is your top priority. The CDP ensures that you have all relevant customer data securely in view and that you utilize it effectively. -> Learn more

Digital commerce platform

A feature so effective and powerful that it needs no abbreviations! On the digital commerce platform, you’ll find all the e-commerce applications and data necessary for omnichannel shopping experiences. -> Learn more

A packed agenda when it comes to the technology. However, we’ll also provide time for your brain to digest all the information and showcase some of the projects we’ve already implemented with our use cases. This allows you to gain a clear understanding of our work and the possibilities with Pimcore.

Step 3: Follow-up discussions and analysis

Your project has been given a rough framework and you have become familiar with the system. Afterwards, we’ll collaborate on the next steps: our developers will address any questions you have during or after the demo and clarify the process of realization and implementation. We’ll also offer advice, provide further recommendations, and plan the next steps for your digitalization with you, if desired.

Pimcore Demo

Try out the free Pimcore demo for yourself

Based on our experience, we understand that many customers prefer a thorough initial consultation and a guided tour of the Pimcore system. Certainly, some customers prefer to familiarize themselves with the platform independently first.

For this group of interested parties – and also for customers who are interested in the guided demo and want to experience it for themselves – Pimcore itself offers a demo. Since 2010, it has also been available as a free open-source community edition. Because one thing you must know about Pimcore is: the software’s business model is entirely focused on input from the community, where developers and Pimcore enthusiasts continuously collaborate.

Among other things, the result or success of this model is the community platform. There, you can download and install the Pimcore demo for free, or simply open it in your preferred browser and try it out.

To do this, go to and click on the “Demo” button. A new tab opens with the login area of the site, where you can enter using the username “admin” and the password “demo“!


Please contact us to arrange a free appointment.More info


As you may have already noticed, Pimcore extends a warm invitation for you to explore the system. A step that is certainly worth your while! You can get to know the back end on your own during the self-demo. But that can also slow you down because you find out little or no information about the product when just looking at it alone – even though it has so many incredible features in store for you. Therefore, please contact us for your guided Pimcore demo, during which professionals will be there for you in real time, answer your questions, and provide you with ongoing advice according to the needs of your company!

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