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The rapid digitalization in all areas of everyday life required a rethink in the media world, as well as an investigation into new sales channels. In addition to new apps and uses, the publishing industry, in particular, managed to survive as a popular information medium with digitized presentations. Especially for trade topics, readers enjoy online magazines where they are provided with news, presentations and articles. In the field of business psychology, has made a name for itself with interviews and contributions from authors from science and practice and also serves as a platform for exchange between students, scientists and practitioners. In order to continuously ensure the usability of the constantly growing portfolio of content for the readers, the team decided on a comprehensive relaunch of the website with the aim of presenting it in a new look and with a variety of new features.



A relaunch is always a challenge for any company and any service provider – because whatever new structure is built must also be re-created within existing algorithms. During the first relaunch with the existing partner, was confronted with two problems after the completion of the project: the collapse of website traffic and the realization that the desired technical optimizations were not feasible – which was different than what was expected. There was only one solution for the team: to search for a new digital agency.


After extensive research, first contacted us in 2021 and described, in the first interview, what they wanted from a cooperation. „Already, after the first meeting, it was clear to us that we wanted to continue the journey with codafish”, says Inga Poste, Head of Marketing & Sales, who, together with her colleagues set themselves on course to continue the digital project as a way of summarizing the findings and the requirements of the first relaunch. A foundation on which the start of the cooperation lay.

«At codafish and for us, everything was just right overall, which is why we chose them as an agency. The professional advice, the interpersonal connection and, above all, the motivation: You could already see the enthusiasm and the energy with which codafish wanted to tackle our website.»
Inga Poste, Marketing and Sales


A website can be rebuilt from many angles – at there was a desire to optimize both the design and the structural makeup of the CMS. After we first redesigned the website with the help of a Drupal theme that matched the customer’s aesthetic preferences, functional features and consent management were comprehensively redesigned. “We handed over a list of specific requirements, codafish took care of it,” reports Inga Poste about the project. “Of course, there were also re-adjustments that needed to be made here and there during the project phase because new needs arose internally as the project went on. But we managed to include them in the relaunch”.


As an official Drupal agency, we are a skilled partner in all matters relating to open source CMS and we have the ability to optimize it quickly and securely. We listen to your wishes and work closely with you.



In February 2022, the time had come and the relaunch of was successfully completed. In addition to a flexible design, new and more practical features – such as the magazine and article preview, and new add-ons like a shop system were also successfully launched. “We have already received praise from many readers for the look and the new functionality”, reports Inga Poste. Internally, the team is also enthusiastic about the new structure and handling of Drupal.Previously, according to Inga Poste, it was rather confusing for everyone, but now the work is defined in the backend and is easily accessible to everyone. Traffic has also stabilized. Of course, we also noticed a drop in the numbers during this relaunch. However, the matter was caught much faster this time – so that we are currently recording 20,000 – 25,000 visits per month and counting! “


Successfully completing a project is always our goal and our claim, but our service offer does not end there. Together with our customers, we want to keep websites and applications continuously up to date with the latest security and functionality. That’s why we continue to be partners of in terms of service and support!

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As a full-service agency, we work together with you to develop a successful digital strategy and we provide you with assistance in all areas of the implementation – from design to hosting and software support.You can find an overview of all of our client testimonials here.

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