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In 2021, not only did we create a new website for Glazier Plickert, since then, we have also been responsible for regularly posting their news on Instagram, Facebook, Google and the website. The goal is to make the traditional company more well-known to younger target audiences. Plickert Glaserei-Betriebe GmbH is a long-established company from Berlin. With the “Glazier on Wheels” and 24-hour emergency service, the company repairs small and large glass damage throughout Berlin and the surrounding area.
In addition, Glazier Plickert builds glass constructions for private individuals and businesses: partitions, balconies, sliding doors, parapets, facades and showers of all kinds.

The Challenge

Goal: Greater reach among the younger generations

“The Plickert glass business has existed for over 70 years – so, we are a company with a long tradition and are very well known in Berlin. But, we also want to improve our reach among our younger target groups,” says CEO, Detlev Kasten. That is why Glazier Plickert decided to relaunch the website with a new corporate design and commissioned us to implement it.

As a full-service agency, we always consider projects from an integrated point of view. And so it went in the initial consultations – which included discussions about Glazier Plickert’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. For more traffic and visibility, it is tremendously important to link a website to actively used social media channels and vice versa.


For more traffic and visibility, it is tremendously important to link a website to actively used social media channels and vice versa. “And we were happy to be able to place everything into one set of hands,” says CEO, Detlev Kasten. “Previously, we either hired various agencies and freelancers or took care of Facebook and Instagram, ourselves. But, now, we have one point of contact for everything – for the website, as well as for social media and visibility on Google.”

"When we first came into contact with the agency, codafish, via a networking event, we immediately had the feeling: The chemistry is right, here! The codafish team is very easy to get along with. And the offer that they made us for social media support had us convinced - both in terms of content and price"
Detlev Kasten, CEO of Plickert Glaserei-Betriebe GmbH

Crystal clear positioning as a professional

Online marketing for a glazier is a challenge on several levels. Social media, especially Instagram, thrives on images. And a service is, visually, more challenging to present than a product. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, there is, indeed, something to see in the services of a glazier. But, then, there is the next challenge that comes into play – glass constructions are very difficult to photograph!
Glazier Plickert, therefore, works with a professional product photographer who skillfully captures glass constructions. Detlev Kasten: “We are professionals in the business of glass and we want to convey this online and on social media – both visually and in terms of content!”

"The working relationship with codafish is conducted as equals - which is very important to me, personally. We are the glass professionals and codafish, the digital professionals – and, together, we are a strong team!"
Detlev Kasten, CEO of Plickert Glaserei-Betriebe GmbH
The Solution

Our social media support makes your life easier

In close cooperation with Glazier Plickert, we developed a social media strategy consisting of two, monthly photo-with-text posts.
At the beginning of the month, the glazier provides photos and information on current topics, we add text to the images and post them on Instagram and Facebook, alternately. The advantage of this strategy is that customers who are connected to Plickert on both channels do not see the same thing at the same time.
In addition, we also use the material to create news items for the company profile on Google (“Google My Business”), as well as to provide information updates on the website – and we maintain both.
“For us this is a great relief. I give codafish photos and some information, get finished texts and just have to approve everything before it all goes online.This is exactly how it should go – which is a really good arrangement for me!” says CEO, Detlev Kasten.

Always in view: numbers and goals

The “Online Marketing” support package also includes a monthly report, which allows our clients to see which posts performed the best and how the reach has developed.
“Thanks to regular content updates, we are seeing continuous growth on both social media channels. And we want to drive this further with the help of codafish. We still have a long way to go, but we won’t let that stop us,” says Detlev Kasten.

The Result

Everything in one place - and always there for you

In addition to a technologically and visually optimized website, which went online in 2021, Glazier Plickert also posts regular updates regarding their projects on Facebook, Instagram and “Google My Business”. In this way, the glass professionals are able to reach younger target audiences on several levels – while having put their support into one set of hands.
As a digital agency, we can be commissioned for various types of services and, as a reliable contact, we are always available for your needs.

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