YORXS is located in the middle of Munich and with its sparkling range of gemstones, complements the offering of rings, bracelets, earrings, and many other treasures in this jewelry city of Bavaria. In the historic district of Altstadt-Level here in the Bavarian state capital, owner, diamantaire and jeweler Ralf Nutt greets jewelry lovers and engaged couples alike and advises them with his two employees on everything to do with carats, appearance, measurements and all the other fine details concerning jewelry.

To date, Nutt and his team have already helped more than 2,000 customers find the perfect eye-catcher. Not only in his store though, most of all through his website yorxs.de. This was the first challenge he had to tackle when he took over the company from his predecessor.

La página web «Yorxs.de se había relanzado unos 4 años antes de hacerme cargo de la empresa. Aunque el sitio web no sea nuestra única vía de venta, sabía que tenía que cuidar mi presencia en línea ante todo»

- Ralf Nutt. -

© yorxs.de

Turning the old into the new to meet the current standards

Even before the takeover, the yorxs.de website with its Pimcore content management system was already a very well-functioning tool. One thing that had to be done was to upgrade the system by updating it and expanding its functions.

“I was also looking to get a visual makeover, as the design was starting to look a bit dated,” Nutt shares as he reflects on the start of the project. With these requirements in mind, he started his search for a new partner agency that could cater to his requirements and wishes. With these requirements in mind, he started his search for a new partner agency that could cater to his requirements and wishes.

Searching and finding the tools for the finishing touches

The first step, the search for a new agency, could be checked off the list by Ralf Nutt in no time – thanks to a recommendation from a good friend. “In a conversation, this person told me he knew someone who, as a Pimcore Gold Partner, would be exactly the right fit for what I was looking to do,” Nutt recounts. We were talking about Timo Müller, a mutual friend from way back and current CEO of codafish. It was pretty much already clear to both sides after the first conversation that tackling the Pimcore update was what we needed to do together.

Our team of codafish web developers examined the existing back end and were able to quickly put together a list of to-dos: the system needed to be updated and the Pimcore Coreshop had to be fully rebuilt once again. All this faced with a familiar challenge – time.

” Naturally, I wanted to get up the new website up and running as quickly as possible. A website is all about generating revenue, so everything online has to be coherent and, ideally, run around the clock. So, each day it’s not up and running has financial implications – as it does for all other online retailers.”.

With Ralf Nutt’s words in mind, we forged a project plan in due time and got down to work!

© yorxs.de

The Pimcore Coreshop in all its glory

Creative power and technical prowess were our sparring partners in delivering the relaunch of yorxs.de on schedule. La CoreShop de Pimcore existente se reconfiguró por completo para cumplir los requisitos de Ralf Nutt, y las nuevas plantillas creadas por codafish se importaron al CMS. Parece muy sencillo pero implicó en realidad un extenso proceso de seguimiento para crear conjuntamente la estructura deseada en la propia tienda.

Otro reto del sitio web fue la creación de herramientas personalizadas, como el configurador de anillos en 3D desarrollado especialmente para yorxs.de por otro proveedor. Asimismo codafish creó una interfaz entre el CMS Pimcore y la nueva herramienta diseñada para conectar los nuevos clientes de la tienda y sus ventas con la gestión de leads y clientes, la contabilidad y la gestión de inventario.

«Mis requisitos para el relanzamiento de mi sitio web Pimcore eran básicamente perfección técnica, permitir que el sitio funcionara sin fallos y ofrecer a mis clientes una experiencia de usuario única en mi tienda online. Pimcore CoreShop lo ha conseguido. , es un sistema muy intuitivo que te permite hacer magia. Además, la implementación de mi configurador de anillos en 3D me ha demostrado una vez más que Pimcore es la plataforma adecuada para satisfacer requisitos técnicos muy elevados.»

- Ralf Nutt, joyero y propietario de YORXS -

Functional and an enjoyable experience for customers - the new Pimcore CoreShop

When Ralf Nutt looks at his website yorxs.de today, almost 8 months after the relaunch, he is more than satisfied. Thanks to the extensive back-end preparation, the fresh design and the hosting taken over by codafish, his online store is now just the way he wanted it to be: fast, efficient, experiential and a joy for him and most importantly of all, for his customers.

What our clients have to say about us

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