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Initially, Ralf Nutt – jeweler and owner of Yorxs – was planning to spruce up his online store with codafish.

But we wouldn’t be codafish if we didn’t support our customers in all aspects of digitalization.

Have a read about how we improved Ralf’s workflow extensively and made his daily work easier with Zoho One.

One Pimcore CoreShop to quote, please

When shopping online, you know firsthand: the selected platform really has to work. Just imagine you are looking for a certain product and your favorite vendor’s website makes it technically impossible to complete a purchase. This isn’t only annoying for customers, it’s also bad for business. Ralf Nutt is well aware of this fact.


The diamantaire and jeweler took over the diamond store YORXS a few years ago and together with his 2 employees welcomes and offers guidance to jewelry lovers and bridal couples in down town Munich. Alongside his brick and mortar store, he also markets his gemstones in the form of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, primarily online via his website yorxs.de.


His portfolio now includes more than 2,000 customers from all over the world.

And that is precisely why he was already well aware of the importance of having an online presence. “When I took over YORXS, I investigated the website for myself too and quickly realized that this would be my first project when I went into business for myself,” says Ralf Nutt.


The CMS Pimcore with its Coreshop was already the basis of his website, but was no longer up to date: it was time for a revamp and a fresh design! So he went in search of a web agency that could put his needs and ideas into practice.

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codafish - the partner for digitization

As Ralf quickly discovered, he was able to tick off his first to-do relatively quickly: “A mutual friend recommended Timo to me,” Ralf said. After the first conversation, it was clear that codafish was the perfect partner for his digital restoration. 



A project plan was written in accordance with the requirements for the Pimcore system, including the Coreshop, and after that, we got right down to business! Something that was always in mind was the tight schedule. 

As you can read, things proceed smoothly and efficiently in all of YORXS’ business areas. 


During the project and implementation phase, this became increasingly clear on both sides, which is why codafish also added another advisory dimension. Taking the aspiration of digitization at YORXS as a starting point, we also introduced Ralf to Zoho One.

«"I was eager to get my new website online as soon as possible, with all the features just right. Because as an online retailer you know that each and every day that the store is not up and running is a day of lost business," says Ralf Nutt, describing his biggest challenge in the project.»

The path to comprehensive digitization with Zoho One

Zoho One is the right choice for anyone who is committed to digitization. This cloud-based operating system featuring more than 40 applications brings together all inter-departmental workflows into one platform and offers digital solutions for every area of the business.


Thanks to the large number of interfaces, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing open source systems. This was also the focus at YORXS. The Pimcore CMS provided the perfect foundation to digitally connect sales, customer data management, and all other aspects of the business’s commerce.


The Pimcore CMS provided the perfect foundation to digitally connect sales, customer data management, and all other aspects of the business’s commerce. The Zoho Books and Inventory modules were the starting point for the idea of connecting YORXS with Zoho.

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«"I was not familiar with Zoho before," says Ralf Nutt, "however, I was intrigued as soon as it was mentioned. So I had codafish present the software to me and they gave me the best advice on which modules could be useful for my purposes. For me, it was the accounting application." No sooner said than done!»

Accounting and inventory management for the 21st Century with Zoho

“Technical perfection” was the goal Ralf wanted to achieve with the update of his Pimcore CMS. As always, this is exactly what codafish has achieved in the configuration and implementation of the Zoho modules. Zoho Books accounting software was therefore individually configured for Ralf and connected to his Pimcore CoreShop

In other words, all the orders that are triggered via the store, as well as their payments, now automatically run from Pimcore into the Zoho Books applications. Zoho Inventory has also been set up for Ralf’s inventory management. This means that when an order is placed, the inventory status is also updated at the same time, so that Ralf can get an overview at any time – both of sales online and in his retail store. 

But that’s not all: Zoho Checkout, an application that automatically provides its users with shipping and payment links when they make a purchase, has also been integrated. But that’s not all! We’ve also integrated Zoho Checkout for Ralf, an app that automatically provides his clients with shipping and payment links when they make a purchase. After all, why stop short when Zoho has so many more applications available to help you in your day-to-day work? 

So in no time at all, a sketched idea was turned into a thoroughly digitized work structure with the Marketing Automation, Workdrive, CRM and Mail modules, which enabled Ralf to merge his customer data management, sales, marketing and ordering and purchasing processes onto a single platform.

«"I really felt that codafish gave me the best possible advice right from the start, especially when it came to Zoho's features. Meanwhile, everything is all set up and works perfectly together, which is an immense relief for me. I would definitely recommend Zoho to others.»

Digitalization, Zoho, codafish - interlocking cogs

True to the motto “Happy client, happy life”, we at codafish were able to take Ralf’s website requirements and especially his internal workflow with Zoho to a new level – all done according to his needs and his wishes. If so, please feel free to contact us. 

Together we will determine exactly what your status quo is, then advise you on the individual modules and tailor them to your individual requirements.

What our clients have to say about us

As a full-service agency, we work together with you to develop a successful digital strategy and we provide you with assistance in all areas of the implementation – from design to hosting and software support.You can find an overview of all of our client testimonials here.

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